Martial Arts of SMAP

Here you will find a listing of the martial arts groups that SMAP represents along with links to their respective websites. Each website is operated by its individual club. Most websites advertise the time and schedule of specific events and will include contact information. Please see below...


Aikido is an art of self-defense which emphasizes good body movement, throws, and joint locks. When using Aikido properly, violent aggression can be neutralized swiftly and cleanly so that effective self-defense is possible without inflicting injury.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling with particular emphasis on ground fighting. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was developed from Kodokan judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals.


Capoeira is a breathtaking Afro-Brazilian art which combines practical martial arts, dance, acrobatics, music, history and philosophy.


Eskrima is a weapon based martial art from the Philippines that emphasizes self-defense and practical fighting tactics. Known to be both beautiful and brutal, Eskrima teaches weapon (stick, sword, knife) and empty-hand (fist, elbows, kicks) techniques concurrently.


Judo was invented in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, who distilled the essential elements of Jujitsu, because competitive Jujitsu left players injured and paralyzed.


The Stanford Jujitsu club teaches Aiki Jujitsu. It emphasizes practical methods of self-defense and does not compete. Methods include throws, joint locks, submission holds, strikes, ground fighting, and police control techniques.

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo karate is a martial art that teaches self-defense and self-control through three primary methods: self-defense techniques, forms/katas, and kumite/sparring.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai combines Western-style boxing with various kicking techniques, and includes the use of elbows and knees.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Taught as a predominantly internally-oriented style stressing technique, sensitivity, and subtle awareness instead of brute force, Wing Chun provides practical self-defense for men and women and a means for developing the mind and spirit.

JKA Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate is a weaponless martial art developed in Okinawa and Japan, emphasizing power and efficiency in combat.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that is most famous for its dazzling array of fluid and powerful kicks, complemented by other techniques like punches and blocks.


Wushu is a performance-oriented Chinese martial art that dates back thousands of years. Its diverse empty-hand and weapon styles, beautiful but powerful movements, and intense training methods make Wushu unique among all martial arts..