Current research projects Spatial Light Modulator for Maskless LithographyIn vivo Dual-Axes Confocal MicroscopyPhotonic Crystal SensorsQuantitative Phase MicroscopyDielectric Laser Accelerators (DLA)


We focus our research on design and fabrication of micro-optical and nano-optical devices that combine MEMS, photonic crystals, integrated optics, and free-space optics. By utilizing the resolving and diffractive properties of MEMS arrays, we create efficient and reliable systems for fiber-optics, free-space communication, displays, adaptive optics, spectroscopy, and instrumentation for biological studies.

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Recent Work

  • Ryosuke Itoh, Joseph Russell Landry, Stephen Sanborn Hamann, and Olav Solgaard, “Light sheet fluorescence microscopy using high-speed structured and pivoting illumination”, Optics Letters, Vol. 41, , 2016.
  • Tao Wu, Stephen S. Hamann, Andrew C. Ceballos, Chu-En Chang, Olav Solgaard & Roger T. Howe, “Design and fabrication of silicon-tessellated structures for monocentric imagers”, Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering, Vol. 2, No. 16019, 2016.
  • T Wu, SS Hamann, A Ceballos, O Solgaard, RT How, “Design and fabrication of curved silicon image planes for miniature monocentric imagers”, IEEE Transducers, Vol. 18th Internation, June 2015.
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