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EMIX Meet & Greet on 9/10/12

We love EM! Meet us on the LK Lawn for drinks and chips!

Ace ECGs on Clerkship. on 5/30/12

Ace your ECGs on the wards!

Come to our clerkship-oriented ECG session, co-presented with IMIG. Augment the systematic reading approach with pattern recognition; learn how to present with style, what to include and what to leave out for both EM and IM.

Dinner and mingling + 45 minute lecture by Cardiology Attending and recent EP Fellow Dr. Marco Perez + 45 minute group-practice led by EM and IM residents.

Invite with RSVP will be sent out early May.

Applying to Residency Workshop on 8/02/11

We will provide dinner and Drs. Harter (Stanford EMed Residency Director), Laleh Gharahbaghian, and Alice Chiao plus Stanford EMed residents Sundeep Bhat and Misha Kassel will be there to answer all questions about residency applications!

I was thinking Q&A in a round table over dinner (How many programs should I apply to? Letters of Rec? What are some of the difference between programs? Academic vs Community Hospital? CV/PS tips? Interview trail tips? ) followed but an informal break out to go and ask specific questions to specific people if desired (e.g. What do you think of Duke vs Georgetown?). Bringing program lists ideas would be great so we can all hear about programs and compare! We will also try to have sign up for a review of CV/personal apps over Aug with some of the EMed faculty.

Please RSVP to alexab@stanford.edu and let me know if you have anything specific you would like to see, not stuck on this format, so please send suggestions! Although this workshop will be focused on those applying to EMed residency this year, others are welcome to attend as well (sometimes its helpful to know the process).

EMIG Summer Leadership Meeting on 6/01/11

Quarterly meeting with new EMIG student leaders and Faculty advisors to plan upcoming 2011-2012 events and programming

Surviving/Preparing for Internship Panel on 5/04/11

Current interns and residents from all specialties will come and speak about surviving intern year.

EMed Wilderness Medicine Campout on 4/29/11

Applying to EM residency panel on 4/20/11

Applying to Residency Panel Sponsored by the Emergency Medicine Interest Group!

Who: Emergency Medicine Faculty, Residents, and You!
(Light refreshments will be served.)

What does it take to apply to residency?

Residency: What distinguishes different programs? How do I choose a residency? WHAT IS EMERGENCY MEDICINE RESIDENCY REALLY LIKE?
Rotations: Which are especially important? How do I succeed? When do I take them? How many away rotations? Where do I do them?
Letters of Recommendation: How many? From whom?
Board Scores: How important are they? Advice for resources, study tips?

**This event is targeted to all students!

- Come if you think you may be interested in Emergency Medicine and want to hear from many great faculty and residents! Find a mentor!
- Come if you want to know more about applying to residency! We will concentrate on specifics for students applying in Emergency Medicine, but we will discuss the general application process for everyone who is interested!

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Your EMIG Team

EMIG Leadership Transition on 4/06/11

Quarterly leadership meeting to transition to upcoming officers

EMed UCSF Mixer on 4/01/11

Annual mixer

Clinical Student Panel on Clerkships on 3/07/11

Entering the Clerkship Draw 2011?
Got questions about scheduling clerkships?
Need advice on what to do when, where, and in what order?
Want to talk to clinical students in an informal setting about the mechanics of the draw?

Clinical Student Panel on Clerkships
Monday, March 7

Ultrasound or Suturing Workshop on 3/02/11

EMIG Leadership Selection Meeting on 2/23/11

Quarterly meeting to elect new officers for the upcoming school year

EMIG Mentorship Social Hour/ Coffee on 2/09/11

Come and meet with your mentor and others at our EMIG social hour!

Ultrasound or Suturing Workshop on 1/19/11

Skills workshop with hands-on ultrasound or suturing training

Emergency Medicine Faculty Research Presentations on 1/12/11

Looking for a MedScholar project this year/next summer?
Interested in clinical outcome research? Health policy? International health?
Service delivery? Health education? Wilderness?

Come to....
Emergency Medicine
Faculty Research Presentations

Faculty Line-up:

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SMSA through our website (http://smsa.stanford.edu).