Women and Medicine (WAM) Recent Events

Upcoming Events

Just lunch for first years on 6/08/11

held after last final, catered for 80 people

Quarterly lunch event on 5/23/11

Social event before the start of Q6.

Spring Speaker Series on 5/06/11

Admit weekend brunch on 4/07/11

Coffee dates for mentorship groups on 3/30/11

Quarterly lunch event on 3/18/11

Obgyn Reproductive technology lecture on 2/23/11

Speaker Series on 2/10/11

Winter speaker series

Mentorship Panel on 1/13/11

Winter mentorship panel: surgical specialties

Coffee dates for mentorship groups on 1/03/11

Quarterly lunch event on 12/10/10

Business/LAW/Medicine social dinner on 11/22/10

Speaker Series on 11/11/10

Fall speaker series

Mentorship Dinner on 10/14/10

A panel of faculty mentors

Coffee dates for mentorship groups on 10/01/10

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SMSA through our website (http://smsa.stanford.edu).