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  • 2010-2011 PRIORITIES*

  • Book/Journal/Documentary Club - sort of like the current documentary screenings but within a core group of interested people. We could have a monthly discussion group about a certain book or article or current issue. This could take place over dinner at someone's house and just promote interaction in a setting where people are comfortable sharing their ideas.

  • UNAFF Film Festival - The medical school will host a night of documentaries related to health and human rights as part of the United Nations Association Film Festival on October 27, 2010. Panelists and filmmakers will be available for discussion and a reception following the screenings!

  • Work with POM to integrate health and human rights education (ie. reading War Hospital and discussion with the Publitzer journalist Dr. Sheri Fink) into the curriculum and perhaps create an advocacy project for the Population Health segment to augment participation-based learning.

  • Become connected with other campus initiatives (Center for Democracy, Human Rights Program, Law School Human Rights/International Development group). Collaborating with more student organizations and co-sponsoring events. This will allow us not only increased publicity for our cause but also allow us to organize larger and more influential events (Possibilities include: Six Degrees: A Stanford Journal of Human Rights, Sweat Free Stanford Coalition, Students Advocating for Gender Equality, Amnesty, Unicef, Shaking the Foundations Conference, Energy Club)

  • Update the PHR/PSR website to serve as a resource to students interested in learning more about the club and the issues in general. This could include a list of campus contacts/other organizations, recommended readings, a description of electives, and links to outside websites. It might also be helpful to create a medical student primer on the importance of social justice and global awareness for their future medical careers. We could even distribute this to incoming first years.

  • A mini half-day conference (similar to the War and Conflict and Health Conference hosted by the undergraduate international development group) with a tighter focus on the role of physicians (invite alumni like Sheri Fink, our own contacts from our lives: Dr. Unni Karunakara - next president of MSF, physicians active in PHR/PSR, people like Larry Diamond/Paul Wise from Stanford, small reception where you could really begin to build community/exchange of ideas/photography exhibit). Inviting a high profile speaker through the Stanford Speakers Bureau which funds up to $10,000/speaker ( )

  • Writing about human rights & social responsibility is also a strong/inspiring way to communicate and how awesome would it be if we had a PHR/PSR column (or article!) in H&P?

  • Community service project: Often times, as students we hear of issues but rarely get to see the people that it affects. I propose that at least once a quarter, we volunteer with a refugee center, homeless shelter, or even calling/sending letters to politicians about issues that we are concerned about (like the Refugee Protection Act of 2010).

  • Applying to various campus grants to increase club funding: possible sources include ASSU Graduate Student Council, Stanford Sponsored Program Funding (SSPF), Stanford Sponsored Program Funding (SSPF), Bechtel International Center's Billie Achillis Fund, Women's Community Center (if we do something that is focused on gender equality)

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    [This is my group]

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