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To increase exposure for Stanford students and medical students to the exciting field of Urology. Urology is a surgical subspecialty that covers oncology (renal, testicular, prostate, bladder and more), stone disease, andrology/fertility, incontinence, trauma (GU system), reconstruction (GU system) and pediatrics. It involves a fascinating mixture of surgeries and procedures. There are large surgeries (nephrectomies, ileal conduits, cystectomies), small surgeries (continence slings, TURBTs, etc), robotic-assisted surgeries (laparoscopic nephrectomies, prostatectomies), in-office procedures (cystoscopy), IR-like procedures (lithotripsy, minimally invasive stenting) to name a few. The field is both office-based and OR-based and the urologist can often decide which proportion of time is spent where. This is just a short description of the diversity Urology has to offer for those interested in a more procedure-oriented field. We will hold events on and off campus, facilitate communication and mentorship between the Urology Department and students and garner interest for the field of urology.


[This is my group]

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