Medical Spanish Initiative

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Did YOU Know?
There are 13.5 million Hispanics in California, accounting for 37% of the state population.
At least one-in-five Californian residents speak Spanish at home.
There are 46.9 million Hispanics in the US, ranking as the nation�s largest minority.1

How Will YOU Communicate?
Sign up for the 1 unit course Med 246
Held Every Fall, Winter & Spring Quarter
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What kind of activities does MSI have?
Language-learning sessions on:
The Medical Interview: Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, Family History, Social History, Sexual History, General Anatomy, The Neurological Exam, Cardiology and Pulmonary Exams
Student rounds in Spanish
Dinners with gracious Spanish-speaking faculty hosted at their homes
Opportunities to expand programming to help Spanish-only health education and preventative medicine initiatives in the community

All Spanish levels are welcomed, handouts provided at sessions
No attendance reinforced, no homework & tests
If you sign up, you will receive a Spanish Medical Word/Phrase/Sentence of the Day

For more info, email Anne Liu (, Jake Rosenberg ( or Roberto Neisa (


[This is my group]

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