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Last, First Name Responsibility Phone Email
Beetz, Tobias Associate Director - General contact/questions 721-2905
Carver, Tom Flexible Cleanroom and Microfab Shop 723-1861, 725-2294
Chin, Richard SEM, FIB, TEM Labs 723-8142
Hitzman, Charles NanoSIMS Lab 498-5860
Jamtgaard, Juliet FIB, XPS Labs 736-1256
Koh, Ai Leen TEM Lab 723-1686
Knollenberg, Cliff Ion Mill, Nanopatterning Cleanroom, Evaporator 723-1675
Marshall, Ann TEM Lab 723-3572
Meng, Catherine Financial Analyst 725-8362
Moler, Kathryn Director 723-6804
Pacheco, Carol User Administration 725-8529
Tiberio, Richard E-Beam Lithography 725-2299
Tok, Jeff Soft and Hybrid Materials Lab 725-2990

Lab Phone Numbers

Location Phone
JEOL JBX-6300FS 723-8586
Nova NanoSEM 723-8587
CAD workstation 723-8584
Hallway by the Clean Room 725-2295
FEI Titan 725-1575