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The Stanford Nanocharacterization Lab (SNL) has merged with the Stanford Nano Center (SNC). As such, we have consolidated the processes to become a lab member.



Besides serving internal Stanford University researchers, lab Membership at SNC/SNL is open to anyone from any academic, government, private or industrial organization for any type of research and development activity acceptable within Stanford University Academic Research Policies and Procedures. Commercial activities (ie production of devices for sale) are strictly prohibited; although broadly defined R&D, such as development of prototypes, are within the scope of acceptable activities. Complience with policies that govern Stanford's operations of the SNC/SNL service centers might result in limited access to the service centers.


New Stanford User Access

  • Identify the tool(s) that you will be using. If necessary, send us an email to discuss your research project and determine if the tool(s) and processes can give the desired results.
  • Complete the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities - Access Authorization Form
  • Turn the completed form in the mailslot in front of Room 101 in the Spilker Building.
  • Wait for approval and further instructions.
  • Contact the lab managers for details on training and further access requirements.

New External User Access

Our facilities are open to external users. If you are a user from another Academic Institution, National Lab, NPO or industry, please follow all steps as outlined in Stanford Nano Shared Facilities - External User Access. Note: please use either the Agreement for Commercial Users or the Agreement for Other Academic or Non-Profit Users. If in doubt which agreement applies, send email to


Mandatory Safety Training

Completion of the following courses is required before an SNSF account can be established.  Courses can be accessed through the training tab at

and either