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SNC Equipment & Facilities

Electron Beam Lithography

Our JEOL JBX 6300 electron beam lithography system uses a high-brightness field emission electron source to define patterns onto a polymer-coated wafer.


The Cameca NanoSIMS 50L creates nanoscale maps of elemental composition, combining the high mass resolution, isotopic identification, and subparts-per-million sensitivity of conventional SIMS with spatial resolution down to 50 nm.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Our center is home to an FEI Magellan 400 XHR and an FEI Nova NanoSEM 450 Scanning Electron Microscope.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

The FEI Titan E-TEM is a high-resolution aberration-corrected Transmission Electron MIcroscope.

Soft Materials Facility

SMF is dedicated to fundamental research on interfaces found in systems containing polymers and low molecular weight amphiphiles.

Metal Evaporator

The KJ Lesker e-gun/beam evaporator is versatile metal deposition system featuring a loadlock and up to 8 metal targets.

Ion Beam Mill Etcher

The Intlvac Nanoquest Research Ion Beam Milling System is a Versatile R&D platform. The ion beam processing is a controllable thin film etching technique.


The WiTec 500 is a combination atomic force microscope and micro-Raman confocal scanning microscope.

West Bond Wire Bonder

West Bond 7476E Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder

Flexible Cleanroom

The Flexible Cleanroom is a ~ 2000 square foot class 100 cleanroom facility and hosts nanofabrication and nanocharacterization tools.

Nanopatterning Cleanroom

The Nanopatterning Cleanroom is hosting the JEOL 6300FS eBeam, an FEI Nava NanoSEM, wet benches, optical microscopes and other supporting equipment.

Microfabrication Shop

The Microfab Shop provides thin film deposition by evaporation and sputtering. It also provides related technical support work such as design and fabrication of special projects.