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Mailing Lists


We use mailing lists to keep our users informed about equipment status as well as other topics relating to the use of the Shared Facilities. Ask the corresponding lab manager if you want to be added to the mailing list. All lists are handled through the Stanford Mailman services.

Mailling List Description
nanosimsusers Cameca NanoSIMS
helios-users FEI Helios FIB/SEM
magellan-users FEI Magellan SEM
nova-users FEI Nova NanoSEM 450
titan_users FEI Titan Transmission Electron Microscope
snc_ionmill Intlvac Ion Mill
jeolusers JEOL 6300 FS Electron Beam Lithography
kjlerevaporator-users KJ Lesker Evaporator
raman-users WiTec 500 AFM/micro-Raman Scanning Microscope
wirebonder-users Westbond Wirebonder