How do I become a labmember?
The steps are outlined on the Labmember page. You will need a current Stanford Nano Shared Facilities - Access Authorization Form on file with Catherine Meng in Spilker 105 ( Arrange for training on the equipment you need, and you are ready to go. (Back to top)

How do I arrange for equipment training?
Generally, several training sessions are required for new users. Specifics may be found in the Equipment section under the lab of interest. (Back to top)

What happens after I finish the initial training?
After passing training, you are authorized to use the equipment by yourself. However, the access may be limited the first several sessions to times when the staff is around to help.
Please remember, too, that there is a learning curve to recognizing and correcting conditions on the instruments (i.e., astigmatism and focus on a microscope). Please ask the staff for help, as it is in everyone's best interests for you to obtain optimal results. This can be done informally or by scheduling an additional training or review session. (Back to top)

What about advanced techniques?
Most initial training sessions are geared toward familiarizing the user with basic operation of the instrument. There are many advanced capabilities which may be of interest to the user (i.e., EDS, backscatter diffraction). Please ask the staff for help and additional training. This may be done on an informal basis, or by scheduling an additional training session. (Back to top)

How much does it cost to use the Laboratory?
You can find the equipment rate table <here>. (Back to top)

Do you provide materials and supplies?
While some basic sample mounting supplies are provided in the labs and there are some stock samples for training purposes, it is in your best interest to have your own sample preparation supplies. The individual lab managers can advise you as to vendors and specific products for their machines. (Back to top)

What are the intellectual property policies at SNL?
Stanford University policy prohibits SNL and its Staff from being party to secrecy or disclosure agreements having to do with work being performed in the Lab. However, SNL also makes no claims to intellectual property developed independently by researchers using the Lab. For more detail, please see the Stanford University Academic Research Policies and Procedures regarding intellectual property. (Back to top)