Before being considered for training on the FEI Magellan SEM, you must first be a fully qualified user of the FEI Sirion SEM or the FEI DB235 Dual-Beam FIB/SEM.

You will need to download and fill out the Magellan Project Proposal Form. Arrange a time with one of the staff scientists (Rich Chin, Bob Jones, Ann Marshall, Ai Leen Koh) to discuss the completed form.

You will need at least two training sessions (one orientation with the Magellan interface, the second as a final) to be authorized as a beginner user of the Magellan. Training slots are posted on the Magellan sign up calendar.

Note: you will be expected to provide your own sample, properly and cleanly mounted, for the final training.

Any further inquiries may be directed to Richard Chin (