Make sure you have completed the appropriate steps to becoming a Labmember. You will need a current Stanford Nano Shared Facilities - Access Authorization Form on file with Catherine Meng in Nano 105 ( Please submit this before your first training session. Note: there are startup instructions for the instruments available on the web. It would be helpful for you to print them out and bring them to your sessions.

You will need at least three training sessions (generally, 2 standard plus 1 final) to be authorized on the Sirion SEM.

To edit fields on the calendar, you must log in (found on the right hand side).
Username: sirion
Password: xlD1540 (Note: the second character is a lower-case "L")

Look for training slots on the respective sign-up calendars marked "training w/(trainer)" (note: "reserved for trainers" does not equal "training w/ (trainer)"; early entries into such slots will be deleted). Click on the pencil icon to add your name (to the subject line) and contact info (further down the page). The final entries should look like:
"training w/ rich/ jane/ joe" for a regular training, and
"training w/ rich/ pat (final)" for a final training.
Training slots are posted Monday mornings for the second following week. No more than two people per session, please, and only one person if it is a final. Furthermore, please do not sign up for successive trainings on the same day; from past experience, the information is not absorbed as well, and all too often people have to re-take their final.

If you are having difficulty scheduling your "final" training, please email Rich Chin ( your availability, AFTER you have signed up for your first two trainings, and he will put you in a final training slot. Note that a range of times will be necessary, as the slots are determined by the availability of the trainers. Check the calendar for your final.

For the first several sessions following the successful completion of a "final" training, you will be allowed to sign up by yourself, but only during business hours. Further details will be explained when you receive your beginner's permit. Full (24hrs/7days) access will be granted after successful completion of the permit.

For advanced techniques (i.e., EDS, OIM):
After you have passed your final training, you may sign up for one of the technique sessions. These advanced sessions are offered about once per month or on an as-needed basis, and up to 6 people may sign up for each one. These are designed to provide a basic introduction to the technique, and further training may be required by the instructor. Note: you will be charged for no-shows if you do not let us know at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time.

Any further inquiries may be directed to Richard Chin (