To setup and run Remote CORAL from your desktop follow these steps:

  1. Download Java Runtime Environment from:
    Note: you only need to download the link on this page that says "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) X.Y Update Z ". The Java Runtime Environment includes everything that you need to run Remote Coral including Java Web Start. You don't need the SDK (software developers kit), the enterprise edition (J2EE), or the version that is bundled with NetBeans.
  2. You need to go to one of the Sunrays and log in there and get CORAL started. Once it is started, under the leftmost "File" menu is a menu item named "Remote Password".  If you select this, a little window will open that will allow you to set your remote CORAL password. Your remote CORAL password can be the same as your main password.
  3. Next, go back to your desk and open up a browser on the machine that you would like to run Remote CORAL from.  Point that browser to:
    This should begin to download and then run Remote CORAL ... it will probably open a window or two warning you about the certificate ... but go ahead and click OK to install Remote CORAL.  Note: on either the first or second time that you run remote coral, it will also ask if you'd like to have a Remote CORAL start icon on your desktop and in your start menu.  If you say OK, you'll just be able to double click remote CORAL on your desktop.