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The Stanford News Readership Program (SNRP) has provided free copies of the New York Times every weekday since 2002. Our group's commitment to bringing high-quality local and national news within easy reach of students is aimed at bursting the Stanford bubble by connecting students to current events.

The SNRP provides national news by offering students the the New York Times. With a better view of regional, national, and world events, Stanford students will be better equipped to pursue their education with the world outside the classroom. Thus newspaper readership not only keeps students up-to-date on important events, but also enhances and deepens what they learn at Stanford.

Funded by Undergraduate Special Fees and working in conjunction with student readership programs offered by the New York Times and San Jose Mercury, the SNRP orders newspapers for Stanford students at steeply discounted prices. With racks located in high traffic areas like dining halls and centers of campus, the SNRP strives to reach as many undergraduates as possible. Having secured funding for 2012-2013, the SNRP is working to make its papers available to even more students at Stanford.

Digital Passes

In order to access free digital copies of the New York Times, go to and create an account with your Stanford email account. From there you'll have the chance to "pick up" one of over 400 daily access passes to It's just like picking up the morning paper!

Kiosk Locations

  • FloMo Dining
  • Manzanita Dining
  • Lakeside Dining
  • Ricker Dining
  • Roble Dining
  • Stern Dining
  • Wilbur Dining
  • Axe and Palm
  • Language Corner
  • Gates CS Building
  • Braun Music Center


President :: Crystal Nwaneri
crystaln [at] stanford [dot] edu

Vice President :: Nithya Vijayakumar
nithyapv [at] stanford [dot] edu

Vice President of Finance :: Steven Burnett
sburnett [at] stanford [dot] edu

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