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SoNIA input file formats

Documentation on specific file formats has been moved to the Data Formats section of the SoNIA Wiki

There are multiple data formats available for storing and exchanging network data, with varying degrees of use, human code-ability, features, flexibility, etc. So far, none of them seem widely accepted or standard. Unfortunately, our focus on time-based data seemed inappropriate for most of the existing formats (with the possible exception of the GraphXML approach) especially since our desire was to make a format useable by non-programmers so they could import their existing data with a minimum of reformatting. So we have created yet another graph input format (.son), but hope to eventually support other existing formats as a file interchange option. And perhaps and SQL backend? SoNIA also supports a limited version of Pajek's .net format.

All input files should be saved as plain text, with no trailing line breaks. SoNIA decides which parser to used based on the suffix to the file name: ".son" will use the DotSonParser, ".net" will use the DotNetParser. (It is important that the .txt suffix be removed.) SoNIA's parsers are set up to give very explict error messages with line numbers, so if the input file is not correct, it should tell you exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.

A collection of sample files in .son and .net format are located here.