Railroad Repeats

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New Hampshire Rocks at Yuba River     39°18'38.76"N, 120°30'21.84"W


This was a widely photographed view near the headwaters of the Yuba River. From Crofutt's Transcontinental Tourist's Guide, 1871: " the waters of the South Yuba leap and dance along, amid dense and gloomy forests, and over almost countless rapids, cascades and waterfalls "(163).

Shearer p. 245 “Just below Tamarack, the Yuba had worn a large gorge, and the bold bluffs, which unfortunately are below the road-bed, have been called “New Hampshire Rocks,” and the name may well suggest that the Granite State will soon cease to be regarded as the “Switzerland of America.”

“The road continues on the north or Yuba side of the divide, between the waters of the Yuba and American Rivers”


The site is readily recognizable today, although there appears to be more deciduous growth.