Railroad Repeats

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Bluffs In Donner Pass, Western Summit     39°18'54.06"N, 120°19'23.52"W


At this point travelers would have been moving largely through snow sheds. Leaving Tunnel No. 7, they almost immediately entered lengthy Tunnel No. 6 (Summit Tunnel). Probably very few passengers ever saw this view from the railroad cars. They might have seen it if they got off at Summit Station at the end of Tunnel No. 6 or if they traveled on the adjacent wagon road.

Crofutt comments generally about the scenery here p. 162 “Piles of granite, their weather-stained and moss-clad sides glistening in the morning sun, rise between us and the “western shore,” hiding from our sight the vast expanse of plain that we know lies between us and our destination. Scattering groups of hardy fir and spruce line the mountain gorges.”