Railroad Repeats

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Summit Tunnel-Eastern Portal     39°18'57.24"N, 120°19'22.26"W


Shearer p. 242 “the road-bed is cut out of rough, rugged granite rocks; and before the summit is reached, it has passed through the seventh tunnel from Cold Stream. These are almost indistinguishable from the sombre snow sheds… (tunnel No. 6 is) 1,659 feet, and the longest on the line of the road. Emerging from tunnel No. 6, the Summit…is announced… has an altitude of 7,017 feet--119.8 feet above Truckee--and is the highest point on the line of the road. Many of the surrounding peaks are two and three thousand feet higher.” (sic)

Crofutt p. 163 “From the time when the road enters the crests of the “Summit,” it passes through a succession of tunnels and snow sheds…, so closely connected that the traveler can hardly tell when the cars enter or leave a tunnel. The summit tunnel, the longest of the number, is 1,659 feet long, the others ranging from 100 to 870 feet in length.”


This is the entrance to longest tunnel now, like the others, abandoned.