Railroad Repeats

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Railroad Wharves at Sacramento     38°34'57.84"N, 121°30'22.02"W


This is the dockk at the terminus on the Sacramento River. Notice the rails on the flatcars that have been brought up the Sacramento River by ship. They came to San Francisco by sea from the East. The railroad bridge in the background could pivot to allow passage of steamboats which effectively competed for traffic in the Sacramento Valley. A steamboat is docked along the Sacramento River. From a Contemporary Tourist Guide From Crofutt's Transcontinental Tourist's Guide, 1871: "There is much of interest in Sacramento to the traveler, aside from the fact of its being the capital of the State, and the center of the railroad system, which has given new life and impetus to the inland commerce of the State. Sacramento is the heart, so to speak, of this system of iron arteries, whose pulsations reach even to the Atlantic seaboard on the east, and to those far-away and almost unknown nations of the west...Aside from these facts, which render the city one of interest in a geographical and commercial point of view, there is a quiet beauty particular to this city alone, which renders it attractive to the most careless of travelers. Its well shaded streets, its beautiful gardens, blooming with an almost tropical luxuriance, its vineyards and orchards, all combine to form a city such as one rarely meets with in California, and nowhere else."(Crofutt, 176)


The current dock is now part of the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. The current freight depot is a reconstruction built in 1986. It is part of the California State Railroad Museum.