Railroad Repeats

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Teamster Camp at Colfax     39°5'54.48"N, 120°57'15.66"W


This Hart photograph illustrates how travel away from the railroad lines still demanded wagon and animal transport. Here we see wagons bringing goods to and from the station at Colfax. The wagon that appears to be coming down the ramp is actually angled on the embankment. Building, frames and a chopping stump all point to a permanent encampment at Colfax. From a Contemporary Tourist Guide From The Pacific Tourist, 1884: "The old settlement was Illinoistown, but with the opening of the station, the old town was 'finished.' Colfax has a population of 1,000, two churches - Methodist Episcopal and Congregational - three hotels and stores to indicate that it is the center of trade for a population of several thousand"(Shearer, 253).


Because of new buildings in this area, this picture of the Colfax depot has been taken much closer to the track than in the original Hart version. The foreground of the photograph is a road, which is fitting since in the years between the photographs, auto and truck traffic has made animal traffic obsolete.