Railroad Repeats

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Saw Mill and Cut East of Cape Horn     39°07'43.56"N, 120°55'4.98"W


From a Contemporary Tourist Guide From The Pacific Tourist, 1884: "Cape Horn Mills is a side track, at which the overland trains will not stop for passengers. It is 5.9 miles from Gold Run, and not far from Cape Horn. Before the train -doubles- the point or the Cape, Robber's Ravine will be seen on the left, deepening into the great canon of the American River"(Shearer, 252). From Crofutt's Transcontinental Tourist's Guide, 1871: "A signal station, six miles from Gold Run. Elevation, 2691 feet. We pass steadily on, leaving the scene behind, when suddenly it breaks on our view again, and this time right under us as it seems, but much farther down below us. It seems as though we could jump from the platform into the river, so close are we to the precipice; steadily on goes the long train, while far below us the waters dance along, the river looking like a winding thread of silver laid in the bottom of the chasm, 2,500 feet below us. This is Cape Horn"(Crofutt, 168).


The original sawmill has disappeared and the original single track has been widened to a double track. The forest has regrown, and there is little sign of the old timber industry here.