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Dutch Flat     39°12'18.72"N, 120°50'10.86"W


Hart took this photograph of Dutch Flat, a Gold Rush mining town, on cleared land above the town.

Crofutt p. 166 “The town of Dutch Flat is situated in a hollow, near by and to the right of the road, a portion of it being in plain view. The town contains many good buildings, churches, schools, and hotels. Population, about 2,000. One feature of the town is worth noting, and worthy of commendation—the beautiful gardens and fine orchards which ornament almost every house.”

Shearer p. 249 “It is an old town, the mining having begun in 1851. It was once more largely populated than now…It has a Methodist and Congregational Church, and the finest school-house in the interior of the State…The town is built at the head of Dutch Flat Canon, and is very irregular and hilly. It has good stores, hotels and restaurants…”


Trees now obscure the view but you can faintly see the roofs of buildings through the branches.