Railroad Repeats

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Alta from the South     39°12'16.26"N, 120°48'36.66"W


Crofutt p. 165 “[Alta is] a freight and passenger station. Alta looks old and weather beaten, and its half-dozen board houses with sharp roofs look as though there was little less than a century between the present and the time when they were ushered into existence.”

Shearer p. 247 “158 miles from San Francisco; 3,607 feet elevation. This is the first point reached by the west-bound traveler from which there are two passenger trains daily to San Francisco… Here are several stores and the center of a considerable lumber trade. Its population does not exceed a hundred. It is a day telegraph station…”


This and the following photograph are two views of the lumber town of Alta. This one is from the south. There is no longer a town at this site.