Railroad Repeats

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View in Dutch Ravine

Embankment at Dutch Ravine

Approaching Bloomer Cut from the West

Bloomer Cut Looking West

Rock Ravine near Auburn

High Embankment

Cut near Auburn Station

Auburn Depot

Road East of Station

High Embankment near Auburn Ravine

Auburn Ravine, Placer County

Trestle Near Lovell's Ranch

Road and Trestle near Lovell's Ranch

Trestle in Clipper Ravine

Trestle at Clipper Ravine

Depot at Colfax

Colfax from the South

Teamster Camp at Colfax

Saw Mill and Cut East of Cape Horn

Deep Cut at Trail Ridge

Secret Town, 62 miles from Sacramento

Excursion Train, Cape Horn

New Hampshire Rocks at Yuba River

New Hampshire Falls on the Yuba River

Castle Peak from Grants Butte

Scene at Lake Angela

Camp Near Summit Tunnel

Bluffs In Donner Pass, Western Summit

Summit Tunnel-Eastern Portal

Scene near Summit Tunnel

Dry Creek Bridge

Bound for the Mountains

Freight Depot at New Castle

Colfax looking East

American River

Shaft House over Summit Tunnel

East portal of Tunnels #6 and #7

All Aboard for Virginia City

Tunnel #3 Above Cisco

Capital Granite Quarry

Railroad Wharves at Sacramento

Crested Peak from Grants Butte

Round House at Rocklin

West of Clipper Gap

Cut Near New England Mills

Railroad around Cape Horn

Lower Cascade

Lower Cascade Bridge

Upper Cascade

Upper Cascade Bridge

Inside of Snow Gallery at Summit

Crested Peak and Tunnel #10

Castle Peak fom Railroad

Depot at Truckee

Scene at Truckee

Levee in Sacramento, Looking North from Steamer

Secret Town Trestle West

Secret Town Trestle East

Hornet Hill Cut

Embankment Below Dutch Flat

Dutch Flat

Dutch Flat Station

Alta from the South

Alta from the North

Blasting at Chalk Bluffs

Secret Town Bridge

Yuba River