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The western roads received the following amounts from the states: Nebraska, 498,742; Texas 32,990,000; Oregon, 3,200; Minnesota, 2,875,856.

"Report of the Auditor of Railroad Accounts," House Ex. Doc. 1, 46th Congress, 2nd Session, 1911, Table 13, 113-15.

Eventually around 35 million acres were returned, and in addition the railroads relinquished an additional 8 million acres in 1940 in exchange for the government canceling preferential reduced rates it was entitled to receive. This created interesting geographies of land whose title was in limbo for years as railroad claims and ownership were sorted out.

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For additional CPR grants, James F. Hedges, The Federal Railway Land Subsidy Policy of Canada ( Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1934), 139.

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