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R. Hal Williams, The Democratic Party and California Politics, 1880-1896 (Stanford: Stanford Univ. Press, 1973), 162-73.

By Dec. 10, Curtis said it looked as if White would win, Curtis to CPH, Dec. 10, 1892, CPH Papers, ser. 1, r. 51.

friend, Curtis to Huntington, Dec. 14, Dec. 16, 1892, CPH Papers, ser. 1, r. 51.

Most likely, since Henry Huntington knew that Fillmore was using detectives, he had someone inside Fillmore's office sending him copies of the reports.

John Custin? to J. A. Fillmore, Oct. 17, 1895, report of operative W.J.F., Oct. 16, 1895, HEH Collection.

San Francisco Call, June 10, 1895.

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