OCTOBER 23, 2014
About Our Team
Our Team
Former Lab Staff
Whitney Berry
Project Manager for Terrain of History
Whitney Berry is the project manager for the Terrain of History project, supporting the work of Professor Frank and his undergraduate research assistants. She's played a vital role in the development of the Historical GIS for Rio, and co-authored a paper on the slave market in Rio during the 19th century. She is also the co-instructor of a graduate-level course in spatial history. In the Lab Whitney can be found working with undergraduate and graduate students on their research projects, developing tutorials on GIS and visualization skills, and collaborating with Lab staff and faculty on a number of projects.
Jake Coolidge
Geospatial Historian
Jake Coolidge joined the Spatial History Project at the beginning of 2011. He recently completed a Master's degree in Geography at San José State University, and has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from the University of Washington. Prior to joining the Spatial History Project, Jake designed maps and developed geospatial assets as a planning intern for the City of Oakland's Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program, was awarded the Bay Area Automated Mapping Association's top student prize in 2009, collaborated with Bay Area artists in multi-media art installations, and worked as a letterpress printer. Jake brings these varied experiences and a passion for cross-disciplinary thinking to his work at the Lab, providing GIS and design software support and training.
Mithu Datta
GIS Specialist
Mithu Datta has been the lab's GIS Specialist since October 2007. Mithu has Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Geography as well as a Bachelor's degree in Education. She also brings with her over ten years of programming and development expertise in the private and public sectors including at Tobin Datagraphics, City of Austin (Texas), Ducks Unlimited, Wade-Trim Associates, Ford Automobiles, and Livingston County (Michigan). In the lab Mithu provides technical guidance from inception to completion for each project and troubleshoots and develops GIS solutions.
Killeen Hanson
Project Manager for Shaping the West
Killeen Hanson was one of the Lab's first research assistants in summer 2007. During this time she helped set up the lab, research references to butterflies and grazing in historical newspapers for the Critical Habitat project, and find and georeference historic USGS quads for the Shaping the West project. In June 2008 she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford with a Bachelor's degree in English and minor in French. Killeen directed Professor White's Shaping the West project as Project Manager from September 2008 to August 2010. She managed the project's student researchers, provided direction and perspective, oversaw logistical and practical details, and determined and directed long-term project goals.
Kathy Harris
Lab Director
Kathy Harris was the Lab Manager from June 2008 to August 2010, and served as the Lab Director through 2011. She received a Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Emory University. Kathy's experiences prior to joining the lab include working as a Project Manager at the University of Oregon's Community Planning Workshop, National Network for Environmental Management Studies fellow at the Environmental Protection Agency, and Native Plant Conservation intern at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Kathy coordinated the lab's diverse research efforts, served as a liaison between faculty, staff, and students, and administered the day-to-day operation of the research facility. Her favorite part was the interdisciplinary nature of the lab's research projects and exploring opportunities for visual design in academic research. Kathy now serves as the Program Manager for Community Outreach and Education / DPS Emergency Management at the Stanford University Department of Public Safety.
Jeremy Zallen
Spatial History