JULY 12, 2014
About Our Team
Our Team
Current Research Assistant
Jenny Barin
Research Assistant
Jenny Barin is a senior majoring in History with a regional concentration in the Middle East. She is passionate about good food, live music, and spontaneous conversation. When she is not in pursuit of these joys, she is usually working on a theatrical production with the Asian American Theater Project, which she considers her second family. Jenny is very excited to be working at CESTA this year because she is fascinated by the disciplinary overlap represented by the digital humanities.
Emma Budiansky
Research Assistant
Emma Budiansky is a sophomore from New Jersey. She is interested in too many things, including but not limited to history, the German language, social justice, evolution, and the universe. In her free time, Emma enjoys knitting and baking, and is also involved with KZSU.
David Cho
Research Assistant

David Cho is in his final year in the accredited architecture degree program at the University of Oregon. He is working on the Lanciani research project with Jim Tice and Lauren Hoffman as a research consultant in providing aid to digitize the historical layers within the city of Rome. David is interested in urbanism through architecture and city planning. He hopes that working in the Lanciani project, that he would gain knowledge of the context of the city and study through its periods of change in order to visually see how the remnants of a particular city transitions over time.

Benjamin Diego
Research Assistant
Benjamin Diego is a sophomore majoring in History and English, with a concentration on the art and literature of the Medieval Period. Her is thrilled to be involved with the digital humanities on campus. Ben is excited to be working with Professor Hanretta to explore the West African university system, its growing independence, and its impact on the region. In his spare time, Ben likes to cook, watch B-movies, and travel. He most recently walked (and loved!) the Camino de Santiago in Spain, which he would someday like to visualize with ArcGIS.
Krista Fryauff
Research Assistant
Krista Fryauff is a fourth year undergraduate student at Stanford University pursuing a Computer Science degree with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. She is currently assisting in the production of accessible, user oriented interfaces for the benefit of research efficiency.  Krista is interested in the use of technology as a tool to support other fields and communities.
Lauren Hoffman
Research Assistant
Lauren Hoffman is a junior at the University of Oregon where she is double majoring in Art History, Interior Architecture and in her spare time swims for the University. She is working on the Lanciani project with Jim Tice where she is helping un-layer the enormous amount of history within the city of Rome. She spent a summer studying in Rome and throughout Italy where she had the chance to challenge her language skills and live out the dream of many art historians. She hopes over the course of her college career to get the chance to explore new skills that go along with the project.
Hannah King
Research Assistant
Hannah King is a senior majoring in Earth Systems and minoring in Biology. Her interests lay at the intersection of human and ecological resources and she is passionate about conserving the biological life and environments that humans depend on. She is working with Professor Deborah Gordon on the Desert Ant Colonies project and is excited to explore the spatial history of species behavior. She has studied ecosystems in Australia and bees in Illinois. Outside of the lab, she loves traveling, learning about cultures, singing, hiking, and photography.
Najja Kossally
Research Assistant
Najja Kossally is a research assistant for the Rebooting History project, primarily conducting interviews of various community members in East Palo Alto about education in the community. He is completing a History and Math double major at Stanford University and hails from Brooklyn, New York.
Jonathan Lautaha
Research Assistant
Jonathan Lautaha, from Laie, Hawaii, is now in his junior year at Stanford, majoring in History and minoring in Economics. He is very excited to join the team at the Spatial History lab, and will be working with Michael Levin on the Rebooting History project. Rebooting History does not only spark his intellectual curiosity, but has a subject matter that is very close to heart, Jon having close family that has experienced living on the border of two of the different groups whose history is studied here--East Palo Alto and Palo Alto. Jon took a two year leave of absence to serve an LDS mission, where he learned to speak Spanish fluently and shared his religious beliefs with people from different parts of the world. On campus, Jon is very active in the Latter-day Saint Student Association, of which he is President, and he is also a part of Stanford's Polynesian dance group, Kaorihiva.
Joanna Leon
Research Assistant
Joanna Leon, a 2009 Stanford graduate with a B.A. in Sociology, is a lifelong resident of East Palo Alto.  As a Mexican-American, Spanish-English bilingual, she is a strong advocate for appreciating the values and strengths in the community. She is part of the Rebooting History team and is excited to explore East Palo Alto's history. She is the Site Coordinator at Girls to Women, a grassroots, non-profit organization in East Palo Alto serving girls and their families through out of school enrichment programs.

Ashley Ngu
Research Assistant
Ashley Ngu is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction and minoring in Art Practice. Her interests lie at the intersection of art, technology, food, and culture. In addition to these areas, she will excitedly talk about museum exhibits, interactive art installations, Asian American issues, and the future of food. While not playing with pixels, Ashley can be found making mochi, reading, or snapping photographs.
Lucas Oswald
Research Assistant
Lucas is a senior majoring in Earth Systems, focusing on social entrepreneurship and food economics. Lucas is particularly interested in exploring solutions to environmental problems that also overlap with social problems, and usually finds that the causes for such problems are rooted in the past. Currently Lucas is working on a project mapping the growth of 19th century public water access points in Rio de Janeiro with Jorun Poettering , a visiting scholar from Harvard University.
Jackson Poulos
Research Assistant
Jackson Poulos is a Sophomore from Beaverton, Oregon majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. He is excited to combine his passion for technology with the world of humanities and social sciences. In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, guitar and spending time outdoors.
Alex Ramsey
Research Assistant
Alex Ramsey is a freshman pursuing Computer Science as well as a minor in Music, Science and Technology. He is originally from Grass Valley, CA, a small town in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills. Growing up surrounded by Gold Rush artifacts, he developed an interest and appreciation for his local history which, along with his interest in technology, inspired him to join the research team. He is also a member of the Stanford Band as well as several other musical groups, primarily playing saxophone. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, hiking, and reading random Wikipedia articles.
Nicolle Richards
Research Assistant
Nicolle Richards is a sophomore from Vienna, Austria. At Stanford she is studying Public Policy with a focus on International Human Rights Policy. She is working with Allyson Hobbs on the Microhistory of the Great Migration project, and will be looking at methods to retrace African American migration in the 1900s. She is excited to learn more about the history of migration at CESTA and apply the lessons learned to current issues related to migration. In her spare time she loves to run, travel and drink lots of coffee.
Sarah Sadlier
Research Assistant
Sarah Sadlier is a sophomore from Gig Harbor, Washington. At Stanford, she is majoring in History, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, and American Studies (with a concentration in “War, Weaponry, and International Security”). She is particularly interested in Colonial America, the American West, and American Foreign Policy. In the future, she hopes to become a history professor. Currently, Sarah is a member of the Chinese Railroad Workers project. When she is not studying or working, Sarah enjoys dancing, running, writing poetry, learning languages, and adventuring.

Peter Salazar
Research Assistant
Peter Salazar is a junior from Denver, Colorado pursuing a degree in History of Science and Medicine with a minor in Spanish. His academic interests, while broad, lie primarily in the field of environmental history and the exploration of the ways in which the natural world and attitudes toward it shape human society. Peter will be working with Frederico Freitas on his project documenting deforestation in Brazilian national parks and is thrilled to have this opportunity to see what the pursuit of a long-term research project entails. In his free time, Peter enjoys hiking, reading, basketball, mariachi music, and playing the banjo.
Mark Sanchez
Research Assistant
Mark Sanchez is a junior majoring in both History and Communication with a concentration on the American West. Mark is working on the Animal City project with Andy Robichauld. While currently focused on San Francisco, Animal City deals with the way animals helped shape 19th century cities. In addition to learning the basics of historical spatial analysis, Mark is excited to learn more about the history of the Foggy City.
Christina Smith
Research Assistant
Christina Smith is a sophomore majoring in Classics and minoring in Medieval Art History. She enjoys exploring monastic ruins and is intrigued by Gothic choir stall carvings. She hopes, someday, to excavate remains of Roman or Anglo-Saxon Britain. Christina is also an avid student of the traditional Scottish fiddle and a wicked step dancer! When not studying or working, Christina can be found participating in jam sessions, drinking tea, serving at a local soup kitchen, and enjoying family and friends near and far. She greatly looks forward to learning and contributing to the Chinese Railroad Workers project at CESTA.
Kierstyn Smith
Research Assistant
Kierstyn Smith is a sophomore from Waterford, Connecticut. She is currently studying Human Biology with a Minor in Modern Language (fluency in French and German and knowledge of these cultures). When she's not at CESTA, she can be found choreographing hip-hop routines for her dance crew, ticking off countries from her "To Visit" list, or scrolling through Buzzfeed quizzes. 
Bojan Srbinovski
Research Assistant
Bojan Srbinovski is a sophomore who hails from Republic of Macedonia, where he learned how, among other things, English from Cartoon Network. He is interested in the relationship between cognitive science and narrative theory. At CESTA, he is a member of the Chinese Railroad Workers project.
Charu Srivastava
Research Assistant
Charu Srivastava is a freshman from Palo Alto, CA and a potential Product Design major. She is interested in the intersection of the humanities and sciences and hopes to integrate both fields while working with the Spatial History Project. She loves to reason things out pictorially and apply her design skills to display information in an aesthetically pleasing way. At CESTA, she hopes to develop a broad-based skills set by which she can incorporate her passion for design, technology and the social sciences. In her spare time, she likes to paint, bake and play the guitar.
Danny Towns
Post-bac Research Assistant
Danny Towns is a junior majoring in History. In past years he's worked for the city department of Parks & Recreation in his hometown of Portland, OR, and has engaged in preschool teaching and developmental psychology research here at Stanford. In his spare time he illustrates for the Chaparral, Stanford's undergraduate humor magazine, and loves reading and the outdoors. He is most excited by the amazing flexibility of the methods and tools used in the Spatial History Lab, and hopes to incorporate these techniques in his pursuit of legal studies as an undergraduate and at the professional level.
Van Tran
Research Assistant
Van Tran is a rising sophomore at Stanford who hails from Houston, TX. As a prospective English major, she is excited to work on the Tagging 500 Novels project and hopes to find ways for crowdsourcing to revolutionize how we think about humanities research. In her free time, Van reads lyric poetry, writes original fiction, and plays strategy games.
Ashleigh Wais
Research Assistant
Ashleigh Wais is a senior from New York majoring in Science, Technology and Society, with a minor in Italian. She is working on the Forma Urbis Romae project with Professor Jim Tice to help bring the history and archeology of Rome to light through the digitalization of the Lanciani map. Ashleigh has a passion for design, music and art, and also is an active member of the Stanford Band and KZSU. After studying abroad in Florence during Spring 2013, Ashleigh fell in love with Italy and Italian culture, and is thrilled to be able to apply her language and design skills to the project. 
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