AUGUST 30, 2014
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Animal City
Animal City is a project led by Andrew Robichaud, a PhD candidate in U.S. History. What roles did animals play in nineteenth-century cities? What urban spaces did they inhabit and how did those spaces change over time? How, and in what ways, did cities become remade as human space? This project will explore these and other questions through mapping and visualization at the Spatial History Lab, with particular focus on the city of San Francisco. Researchers will build on the work in the existing publication on San Francisco's Butchertown: Trail of Blood: The Movement of San Francisco's Butchertown and the Spatial Transformation of Meat Production, 1849-1901.
Former Research Assistants:
Liz Fenje, Mark Sanchez
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Trail of Blood
Mapping the Law: The Evolution of Slaughterhouse Space, 1852-1870
Animal City

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