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Griffin Bovee
Research Assistant
A rising sophomore, Griffin Bovee is interested in studying History, American Studies, and International Relations. He began working for the Chinese Railroad Workers Project his freshman spring and is currently interested in researching the condition of Chinese laborers and how leading political figures perceptions of these workers evolved.
Michael Carter
Research Assistant
Michael Carter is a rising sophomore, majoring in History and International Relations and minoring in Arabic. He’s started his work at CESTA on the Chinese Railroad Workers project, focusing especially on the relationship between Chinese emigrants and their Irish counterparts, and later he will move on to assist with the Kindred London and Deathscape China projects. In his free time he enjoys listening to audiobooks, riding his bike, and talking politics
Yesid Castro
Research Assistant
Juliana Chang
Research Assistant
Juliana Chang is a rising sophomore majoring in Linguistics. She will be working on the Chinese Railroad Workers Project, with an interest in looking at how China's media perceived the mass emigration of laborers to the United States. In her free time she enjoys writing, dancing, and listening to Beyonce.
Kevin Garcia
Research Assistant
Kevin Garcia is a senior undergraduate at Stanford studying Classics (Greek/Latin track) and French. As a Research Assistant with Professor Stuart Dunn on The Archaeology of Place in Ancient Cyprus, he is thrilled to be working on a project which focuses on the intersection of antiquity, toponymy, and digital humanities. Kevin enjoys watching (and performing in) musicals, going to art museums, and spending hours on hours in bookstores.  
Lauren Hoffman
Research Assistant
Lauren Hoffman is a junior at the University of Oregon where she is double majoring in Art History, Interior Architecture and in her spare time swims for the University. She is working on the Lanciani project with Jim Tice where she is helping un-layer the enormous amount of history within the city of Rome. She spent a summer studying in Rome and throughout Italy where she had the chance to challenge her language skills and live out the dream of many art historians. She hopes over the course of her college career to get the chance to explore new skills that go along with the project.
Ian Miller
Research Assistant
Ian is a rising sophomore thinking of studying History, Economics, or Philosophy. He is a research assistant for the Chinese Railroad Workers Project with an interest in the relationship between diaspora laborers and the development of Chinese cultural and political identity. Ian comes from Charlotte, North Carolina and likes to talk about Indian politics, Existentialism, and the most recent issue of The Economist.
Alex Sherman
Research Assistant
Alex Sherman is a sophomore at Stanford majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Computer Science. He is currently working as Research Assistant and web developer on the Follow the Money project. He is interested in exploring the increasingly symbiotic relationship between technology and humanities research. His other interests include reading fiction and playing jazz piano.
Holly Slang
Research Assistant
Holly Slang is a rising junior at Stanford majoring in Human Biology and Theater and Performance Studies. She is following her love for language by working on the Nineteenth-Century Crowdsourcing project. In her free time, there's an 80% chance she's doing theater.
Nathan Weiser
Research Assistant
Nathan Weiser is a junior at Stanford majoring in English and American Studies. A member of the Chinese Railroad Workers Project since June 2015, he is currently researching Cornelius Koopmanschap, the Dutch-American merchant tasked by Leland Stanford with obtaining the Central Pacific Railroad's "coolie" laborers. He enjoys writing, reading, and arguing about nonfiction, and is a militant advocate of Central Texas cuisine.
Lis Wolenetz
Research Assistant

Lis Wolenetz is a sophomore from Montana majoring in English; she enjoys stories about cats, early modern print culture, and pretzel sticks, and is looking forward to analyzing social networks in early modern drama with the Literary Lab. 

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