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Sandhini Agarwal
Research Assistant
Sandhini Agarwal is a freshman working on the 19th Century Crowdsourcing Project under Professor Ogilvie. As a Research Assistant for the project, she helps uncover the lives of members of the public who contributed to scholarly projects in the nineteenth century. In her free time, she loves reading, exploring the influence of the past in our present, and dancing.
Adriana Baird
Research Assistant
Adriana Baird is a co-terminal Masters student pursuing an MA in Latin American Studies and a BA in International Relations. Adriana is a research assistant on Zephyr Frank's team studying the relationship between environmental factors and infrastructure and social/political patterns in Brazil. In her free time, Adriana loves to ski, read, and eat ice cream with friends. 
Delenn Chin
Research Assistant
Delenn Chin is a junior majoring in CS + Linguistics. She is a research assistant who has been working on Enchanting the Desert, a project that brings together the photography, history, and cartography of the Grand Canyon, for one year. Outside of work and class, Delenn loves playing the cello, adoring her cat, and rock climbing.
Kevin Garcia
Research Assistant
Kevin Garcia is a senior undergraduate at Stanford studying Classics (Greek/Latin track) and French. As a Research Assistant with Professor Stuart Dunn on The Archaeology of Place in Ancient Cyprus, he is thrilled to be working on a project which focuses on the intersection of antiquity, toponymy, and digital humanities. Kevin enjoys watching (and performing in) musicals, going to art museums, and spending hours on hours in bookstores.  
Albert Gehami
Research Assistant
Albert is an undergraduate research assistant for CESTA. He loves being able to tease out a story from the wall of data presented to him. He works under Professor Gordon and her project studying thirty years of ant colony activity. The project looks at the activity of a large group of ant colonies, and what provokes them to act when they do. Albert began work in CESTA in spring of 2017 and continues to do so now.
Lauren Hoffman
Research Assistant
Lauren Hoffman is a junior at the University of Oregon where she is double majoring in Art History, Interior Architecture and in her spare time swims for the University. She is working on the Lanciani project with Jim Tice where she is helping un-layer the enormous amount of history within the city of Rome. She spent a summer studying in Rome and throughout Italy where she had the chance to challenge her language skills and live out the dream of many art historians. She hopes over the course of her college career to get the chance to explore new skills that go along with the project.
Harrison Hohman
Research Assistant
Harrison Hohman is a freshman from Omaha, Nebraska. He is working on the Forma Urbis Romae project with Erik Steiner and James Tice, using GIS technology to gather and display data regarding the mapping of ancient Rome. He likes strawberries with sugar, talking in his sleep, and apple-scented shampoo. He is majoring in Spanish and Human Biology.
Celina Jackson
Research Assistant

Celina Jackson is a junior majoring in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. She is interested in racial identity formation, racial politics, history, and issues of equity, specifically pertaining to African-Americans. She is excited to join the research team for the George Moses Horton, the 19th Century Hip Hop Poet project, led by Cecil Brown.

Jacob Kaplan-Lipkin
Research Assistant

Jacob Kaplan-Lipkin is a freshman from the Bay Area. He is working under Dean Jane Shaw on "Spiritual Networks, 1890-1930," looking at how various religious leaders interacted with one another. He is excited by Stanford's vibrant DH program and community and is excited to get more involved. He plans on double majoring in Classics and Mathematical & Computational Science. In his free time, Jacob enjoys basketball, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rereading Harry Potter, and waffle fries from the Axe and Palm. 

Tori Keller
Research Assistant
Tori Keller is a junior majoring in International Relations, focusing on the Middle East & Central Asia and World Economy & Economic Development. She has been a Research Assistant on the REVS team since October, 2014. During fall quarter, she worked on Professor Jonathan Rodden’s US focused project collecting precinct level election data. After a quarter abroad, she returned to join Professor Zephyr Frank’s team studying the relationship between Brazilian road networks and social/political patterns. She will continue data collection and GIS analysis with Professor Frank’s project this summer.
Hannah Knowles
Research Assistant

Hannah Knowles is a freshman planning to major in English who loves all things writing. As Digital Media Assistant, she helps to document and publicize all of the fascinating work that goes on throughout CESTA. In her free time, Hannah enjoys music, books, and board games with friends. 

Kimberly Krebs
Research Assistant
Kimberly Krebs is a senior from Austin, Texas, double-majoring in Anthropology and Iberian and Latin American Cultures. She is currently assisting with Ana Minian's Mexican Migration project, processing oral interviews that recount migrations across the US-México border during the Bracero period. This is Kimberly's second year working with CESTA; previously, she assisted with Ethan Blue's project documenting the formation of the U.S.'s deportation apparatus in the early 20th century. These collaborations enrich her other research and career interests, which include the formation of identity at borders, the role of education in forming citizenship and identity, as well as how technology plays an active role in both creating and blurring national borders. 
Vihan Lakshman
Research Assistant
Vihan Lakshman is a senior majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. He is currently working on the Nineteenth Century Crowdsourcing Project with Dr. Sarah Ogilvie, applying network analysis to study the links between the people who contributed to scholarly projects. In his free time, he loves spending time outdoors, playing basketball, and writing about Cardinal sports for The Stanford Daily. 
Patrick Lawhon
Research Assistant
Patrick is a rising senior majoring in history at Stanford. Although he almost never strays from studying his beloved Scottish history, he has agreed to shift his focus a little further south and work on the Kindred London project this summer with Professor Jenkins. He is also very interested in theater and loves just spending the day at the beach.
Karen Lee
Research Assistant

Karen Lee is a junior majoring in International Relations with concentrations in Comparative International Governance and East and South Asia. She is currently working on the Chinese Grave Relocation Project with Professor Mullaney. In her free time she enjoys rock climbing, attempting (in vain) to do the New York Times crosswords, and singing in the shower.

Mirae Lee
Research Assistant
Mirae Lee is a junior at Stanford University, majoring in English and minoring in Digital Humanities. She began working at CESTA in the summer of 2014, and is currently working on the Nineteenth Century Crowdsourcing project led by Dr. Sarah Ogilvie. She is excited by the idea of uncovering the networks between people that lie within data. She is the current Executive Producer of Stanford’s Asian American Theater Project (AATP).

Gabby Levikow
Research Assistant
Gabby is an undergraduate research assistant at CESTA for the summer of 2015 on the Deportation Trains project and the REVS project on Brazil and the United States. She is a rising sophomore interested in majoring in History and Political Science, and is especially interested in the intersection between history and politics. She is from San Diego, California, and enjoys keeping up with politics, reading, and watching movies in her free time.
Fangzhou Liu
Research Assistant

Fangzhou Liu is a freshman working with Dr. Ethan Blue on the Deportation Trains project, where she helps to chart migrant deportations in early 20th century America based on archival material. At Stanford, she is considering some combination of History, Computer Science and Political Science. She hails from a small equatorial island and cares about poetry, human migration, and warm weather.

Milan Mosse
Research Assistant

Milan Mosse is a freshman and prospective CS major working with Cecil Brown on his George Moses Horton special history project. In addition to working on the project's Hortonizer program, he enjoys singing with the Stanford Fleet Street Singers and making apps with his friends.

Stephanie Niu
Research Assistant
Stephanie Niu is an undergraduate pursuing a major in computer science or symbolic systems. She began working as a CESTA research assistant in November 2015, joining Gabriel Wolfenstein on the Chinese Railroad Workers project to design and build an interactive data visualization telling the story of the railroad workers. Outside of her interest in data-driven storytelling, she loves to write poetry, dance, and advocate for the importance of combining STEM and humanities fields. 
May Peterson
Research Assistant
May Peterson is a junior studying Classics and Medieval Studies. Since 2014 she has worked on Sarah Ogilvie's project, Nineteenth-Century Crowdsourcing. She loves the CESTA community, working with 19th century primary sources, snacks, and archaeology.
Angelica Previte
Research Assistant
I am a freshman undergraduate Research Assistant. I am currently undeclared but considering Computer Science + History. I am currently working on the Nineteenth-Century Crowdsourcing project with Sarah Ogilvie. I am working at CESTA from April through July 2015.
Gabrielle Rhoades
Research Assistant
Gabrielle Rhoades is a rising junior at Stanford University majoring in Classics. Last summer, Gabrielle applied her knowledge and love of Classics to excavating the Binchester Roman Fort site in England. She is excited to continue exploring Roman archaeology through conducting research in the Spatial History Lab and working on the Forma Urbis Romae project this summer. Her other interests include international affairs, art, traveling, and playing violin.
Emily Santhanam
Research Assistant
Emily Santhanam is a senior studying anthropology and creative writing.  She is currently a Research Assistant on the project A Microhistory of the Great Migration, which explores the importance of the Negro Motorist Green Book to African Americans as they took to the roads and traveled north.  When not working on academics, Emily can be found listening to 60's psychedelic rock and baking blackberry pie.
Abigail Schott-Rosenfield
Research Assistant

Abigail Schott-Rosenfield is a sophomore planning to major in Comparative Literature with a focus in Arabic. She is a research assistant for the Global Atlas of Oil project, which explores the vast historical and contemporary impact of the oil industry's development. Abigail also writes for the Stanford Daily and the Stanford Arts Review and loves Mahmoud Darwish, medieval art, and contemplating the convivencia. 

Alex Sherman
Research Assistant
Alex Sherman is a sophomore at Stanford majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Computer Science. He is currently working as Research Assistant and web developer on the Follow the Money project. He is interested in exploring the increasingly symbiotic relationship between technology and humanities research. His other interests include reading fiction and playing jazz piano.
Eve Simister
Research Assistant
Eve Simister is a senior at Stanford University, majoring in History with a concentration in Public History and Public Service. Her studies focus on museums, memorials, and memory. At CESTA, she is working on two projects, Memorial Mapping: Transnational 9/11 Memorials and the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project. 
Tani Thomsen
Research Assistant
Tani Thomsen is an undeclared freshman from Auburn, California. She is working with Dr. Ahnert on the Tudor Networks of Power project, which aims to analyze social networks during the Tudor period and to link members to related systems and resources. Tani is also in Stanford's ITALIC program, and her hobbies include reading, playing saxophone, and dancing.
Riya Verma
Research Assistant
Riya Verma is a freshman with an intended major in Computer Science + French. She is working on the Nineteenth Century Crowdsourcing project with Professor Sarah Ogilvie. In her free time, Riya enjoys cooking and watching Netflix.
Jin Wu
Research Assistant
Jin Wu is an MA student in Latin American Studies at Stanford. She majored in Portuguese for her undergraduate studies in Beijing. She is currently a Research Assistant on Professor Zephyr Frank’s project analyzing the social impact and success of the Brazilian melodrama Vale Tudo. Jin is drawn to the cultural and racial diversity of Brazil and hopes to improve mutual understanding between China and Latin America.
Terence Zhao
Research Assistant
Terence Zhao is an undergraduate Research Assistant at Stanford. He is interested in how to maximize livability in our urban spaces through sound planning and design. He currently works with Professor Ian Caine of UT San Antonio to visualize more than a century of urban sprawl in the city.
Frank Zheng
Research Assistant
Frank is an undergrad student and a prospective Computer Science + History major. Since April 2015, he has worked as a Research Assistant/Computer Programmer on the Enchanting the Desert project. He loves exploring the intersections between technology and the humanities. He enjoys playing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He also loves playing in the orchestra.
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