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Brianna Brown
Research Assistant
Brianna Brown is a rising junior double majoring in History and Human Biology. She is working with CESTA on the Chinese Railroad Worker Project, where they ultimately piece together the stories of the Chinese immigrants that labored of the transcontinental railroad, using various sources. If you askher, the excitement that dances in her eyes is apparent. Besides working on this project, she is also junior class president and a PHE for the 2014-2015 school year. She's passionate about history, and knows working with CESTA will be a perfect start to traveling down the road of her future. Eventually, she hopes to become a lawyer. Also, you can call her Brie, like the cheese.
Emma Budiansky
Research Assistant
Emma Budiansky is a sophomore from New Jersey. She is interested in too many things, including but not limited to history, the German language, social justice, evolution, and the universe. In her free time, Emma enjoys knitting and baking, and is also involved with KZSU.
Delenn Chin
Research Assistant
Delenn is a rising sophomore and a prospective Computer Science major.  She is thrilled to be working on the Enchanting the Desert project and experiencing more in web applications and the growing connection between technology and the humanities.  In her free time, Delenn loves playing the cello, particularly chamber music, and hiking the hills of Italy.
Lucas Dube
Dartmouth College Research Assistant
Lucas Dube is a junior majoring in Classical Archaeology at Dartmouth College. At Dartmouth, he is the President of the Italian Club and a member of the Dartmouth Classics Society.  He participated in the Classics Foreign Study Program in Rome in the fall of 2013, traveling extensively throughout Italy and spending a week in Turkey. His mother is Italian and, as a result, he spent many summers in Italy and received dual citizenship. 
Nicole Follmann
Research Assistant
Nicole Follmann is a senior majoring in anthropology with a minor in Spanish. She had initially planned to major in archaeology and is happy to have the opportunity to revisit the discipline with the Archaeology of Place in Ancient Cyprus project. Originally from Iowa, her personal research has focused on agricultural transitions and transnational exchange in Iowa and Argentina. She is writing an honors thesis about how corn and soybean farmers in central Iowa respond to critiques about their "industrial" farming methods and how this influences the ways beginning farmers choose to enter the field. Apart from studying food production, Nicole likes to grow and eat her own food in her garden at home in Iowa and at the house Columbae at Stanford.
Krista Fryauff
Research Assistant
Krista Fryauff is a fourth year undergraduate student at Stanford University pursuing a Computer Science degree with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. She is currently assisting in the production of accessible, user oriented interfaces for the benefit of research efficiency.  Krista is interested in the use of technology as a tool to support other fields and communities.
Maria Greer
Research Assistant
Maria Greer is a senior majoring in History with a regional concentration on "the world" and a temporal concentration on "the past," until further notice.  She is also working on a minor in Creative Writing (prose).  Maria is thrilled to be a part of the Chinese Railroad Workers project and help bring this important piece of Stanford's history to light.  She hopes that she might eventually apply what she learns to uncovering similarly "lost history" in her home state of Montana.  In her spare time, Maria enjoys working with the Stanford Anthology for Youth, visiting museums, and baking cupcakes.
Lauren Hoffman
Research Assistant
Lauren Hoffman is a junior at the University of Oregon where she is double majoring in Art History, Interior Architecture and in her spare time swims for the University. She is working on the Lanciani project with Jim Tice where she is helping un-layer the enormous amount of history within the city of Rome. She spent a summer studying in Rome and throughout Italy where she had the chance to challenge her language skills and live out the dream of many art historians. She hopes over the course of her college career to get the chance to explore new skills that go along with the project.
Hye_Jeong Yoon
Hye Jeong Yoon
Research Assistant
Hye Jeong Yoon is a senior majoring in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity with a focus on Intersectionality. If she could, she would choose to spend her life in the sun from bouldering to hiking to reading to sleeping. In her studies she is passionate about Asian American representation in the arts, inter-ethnic relations, and learning more about under-represented narratives. In her free time, she loves to sing with Stanford Talisman, act or direct with the Asian American Theatre Project, or brainstorm event ideas on AASA board. She also has a soft spot for campy horror, anything zombie, frozen berries, and baby carrots
Julia Laurence
Research Assistant
Julia Laurence is in her second year at Stanford where she loves taking classes in Arabic. She is pursuing a major in Public Policy and is a member of Stanford In Government. This past summer she worked as a hiking leader at Stanford Sierra Camp. She enjoys spending time in the mountains, painting and writing comedy sketches.
Jonathan Lautaha
Research Assistant
Jonathan Lautaha, from Laie, Hawaii, is now in his junior year at Stanford, majoring in History and minoring in Economics. He is very excited to join the team at the Spatial History lab, and will be working with Michael Levin on the Rebooting History project. Rebooting History does not only spark his intellectual curiosity, but has a subject matter that is very close to heart, Jon having close family that has experienced living on the border of two of the different groups whose history is studied here--East Palo Alto and Palo Alto. Jon took a two year leave of absence to serve an LDS mission, where he learned to speak Spanish fluently and shared his religious beliefs with people from different parts of the world. On campus, Jon is very active in the Latter-day Saint Student Association, of which he is President, and he is also a part of Stanford's Polynesian dance group, Kaorihiva.
Debra Pacio
Research Assistant
Debra Pacio is a research assistant for the Chinese Railroad Workers project. As a senior majoring in English Literature, she is currently exploring the realm of Filipino-American literature for her honors thesis. She aspires to be a better poet and is an editor and contributing playwright for the 2015 Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) production. She also serves as a third-year peer writing tutor for the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking.
Sera Park
Sera Park is a sophomore from Seoul, Korea, studying Creative Writing and Anthropology. Her love for stories, people, and culture brought her to the pursuit of these two disciplines, and research at CESTA. As an aspiring poet herself, she is particularly excited to uncover the story of the poet George Moses Horton. She also loves short and long journeys, listening to and making music, filling in the pages of her journal, and shopping.  
May Peterson
Research Assistant
May Peterson is a sophomore majoring in Classics and minoring in Medieval Studies. Her other interests include archaeology, Transcendentalism, gender issues, visual art, and English literature. She hopes to be a high school teacher or to work in academia after Stanford. She is interested in framing research in appealing and accessible ways, and is thrilled to be working with CESTA!
Peter Salazar
Research Assistant
Peter Salazar is a junior from Denver, Colorado pursuing a degree in History of Science and Medicine with a minor in Spanish. His academic interests, while broad, lie primarily in the field of environmental history and the exploration of the ways in which the natural world and attitudes toward it shape human society. Peter will be working with Frederico Freitas on his project documenting deforestation in Brazilian national parks and is thrilled to have this opportunity to see what the pursuit of a long-term research project entails. In his free time, Peter enjoys hiking, reading, basketball, mariachi music, and playing the banjo.
Niuniu Teo
Research Assistant
Niuniu Teo is a sophomore majoring in History and minoring in Creative Writing. She is interested in defining the ways minorities in America craft their own identities through stories. At CESTA, she is working with the Chinese Railroad Workers Project. Among other things, she enjoys sharing music, reading, jamming, and driving to the beach.
Helen Thomaides
Research Assistant
Helen Thomaides is a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in English Literature. Her other academic interests include Italian language and culture, urban studies, and cartography, and at CESTA she is currently working on the Archaeology of Place in Ancient Cyprus project. Outside of the classroom and the lab, she writes creatively, dances with the Cardinal Ballet Company, and manages the website for Stanford’s Tutoring for Community.
Van Tran
Research Assistant
Van Tran is a rising sophomore at Stanford who hails from Houston, TX. As a prospective English major, she is excited to work on the Tagging 500 Novels project and hopes to find ways for crowdsourcing to revolutionize how we think about humanities research. In her free time, Van reads lyric poetry, writes original fiction, and plays strategy games.
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