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Jesse Candido
Research Assistant
My name is Jesse Leonardo Justino Candido, and I was born and raised in Brazil. I started working at CESTA in January 2015, as an undergraduate research assistant. As a Stanford freshman, I participate in the Rio das Mortes project, which researches marriages and baptisms records of the Sao Joao del Rey area in Brazil. Through data analysis and programming, we investigate the correlations and motivations that guided people in the region during the XVIII and XIX centuries.
Delenn Chin
Research Assistant
Delenn Chin is a junior majoring in CS + Linguistics. She is a research assistant who has been working on Enchanting the Desert, a project that brings together the photography, history, and cartography of the Grand Canyon, for one year. Outside of work and class, Delenn loves playing the cello, adoring her cat, and rock climbing.
Charles Foster
Research Assistant
Charles Foster is an undergraduate student from Chicago majoring in Symbolic Systems and interested in the cross-section of rapid technological change and human civilization. He began in April of 2015 as a Research Assistant in CESTA and is excited to be continuing through the summer, working with the Very Rev. Dr. Jane Shaw, Dean of Religious Life. Professor Shaw's project aims to map Spiritual Networks in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century English-speaking world.
Krista Fryauff
Research Assistant
Krista Fryauff is a fourth year undergraduate student at Stanford University pursuing a Computer Science degree with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. She is currently assisting in the production of accessible, user oriented interfaces for the benefit of research efficiency.  Krista is interested in the use of technology as a tool to support other fields and communities.
Albert Gehami
Research Assistant
Albert is an undergraduate research assistant for CESTA. He loves being able to tease out a story from the wall of data presented to him. He works under Professor Gordon and her project studying thirty years of ant colony activity. The project looks at the activity of a large group of ant colonies, and what provokes them to act when they do. Albert began work in CESTA in spring of 2017 and continues to do so now.
Jasmine Guillory
Research Assistant
Jasmine Guillory is a rising junior majoring in CS + History with concentrations in Human-Computer Interaction and Africa, respectively. She began working as a Research Assistant at CESTA for the Medieval Manuscripts Project in April 2015. In her free time, she enjoys reading, making terrible jokes, playing soccer, and doing crossword puzzles.
Lauren Hoffman
Research Assistant
Lauren Hoffman is a junior at the University of Oregon where she is double majoring in Art History, Interior Architecture and in her spare time swims for the University. She is working on the Lanciani project with Jim Tice where she is helping un-layer the enormous amount of history within the city of Rome. She spent a summer studying in Rome and throughout Italy where she had the chance to challenge her language skills and live out the dream of many art historians. She hopes over the course of her college career to get the chance to explore new skills that go along with the project.
Tori Keller
Research Assistant
Tori Keller is a junior majoring in International Relations, focusing on the Middle East & Central Asia and World Economy & Economic Development. She has been a Research Assistant on the REVS team since October, 2014. During fall quarter, she worked on Professor Jonathan Rodden’s US focused project collecting precinct level election data. After a quarter abroad, she returned to join Professor Zephyr Frank’s team studying the relationship between Brazilian road networks and social/political patterns. She will continue data collection and GIS analysis with Professor Frank’s project this summer.
Patrick Lawhon
Research Assistant
Patrick is a rising senior majoring in history at Stanford. Although he almost never strays from studying his beloved Scottish history, he has agreed to shift his focus a little further south and work on the Kindred London project this summer with Professor Jenkins. He is also very interested in theater and loves just spending the day at the beach.
Cody Leff
Research Assistant
Cody Leff is an undergraduate at Stanford from Telluride, CO; he enjoys solving problems with rigorous and creative solutions. As a Research Assistant at CESTA since November of 2014, he works on the Forma Urbis Romae project in the Spatial History Lab and will begin work on the Lacuna Stories project in the Digital Humanities Lab in Summer 2015. Through CESTA, he has had the opportunity to explore several of his areas of interest, including architecture, design and computer programming.
Gabby Levikow
Research Assistant
Gabby is an undergraduate research assistant at CESTA for the summer of 2015 on the Deportation Trains project and the REVS project on Brazil and the United States. She is a rising sophomore interested in majoring in History and Political Science, and is especially interested in the intersection between history and politics. She is from San Diego, California, and enjoys keeping up with politics, reading, and watching movies in her free time.
Angelica Previte
Research Assistant
I am a freshman undergraduate Research Assistant. I am currently undeclared but considering Computer Science + History. I am currently working on the Nineteenth-Century Crowdsourcing project with Sarah Ogilvie, studying the volunteers who contributed to the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary: who they were, where they came from, which books they read, and how they were connected to each other. I am working at CESTA from April through July 2015.
Gabrielle Rhoades
Research Assistant
Gabrielle Rhoades is a rising junior at Stanford University majoring in Classics. Last summer, Gabrielle applied her knowledge and love of Classics to excavating the Binchester Roman Fort site in England. She is excited to continue exploring Roman archaeology through conducting research in the Spatial History Lab and working on the Forma Urbis Romae project this summer. Her other interests include international affairs, art, traveling, and playing violin.
Dan Saadati
Research Assistant
Dan Saadati is a rising sophomore planning to major in Computer Science and History. He is a research assistant working on the Undocumented Mexican Migration project which seeks to trace the rise of Mexican migration to the United States from 1964-1986 In his free time, he enjoys writing science fiction, running, and programming.
Rahul Singireddy
Research Assistant
I am currently a rising sophomore Research Assistant who has been at CESTA since December, 2014. I am on the Chinese Visualization program, using python and D3.js to visualize English representations of Chinese characters on the American Keyboard. I am interested in the intersection of computer science and the humanities, and am interested in majoring in Symbolic Systems. Outside of CESTA, I enjoy reading about sports and politics, playing basketball, and hiking.
Lowry Yankwich
Research Assistant
Lowry is an undergraduate student, who just completed his Junior year. He studies History, with a specialization in Chinese History, and also Earth Systems. Lowry will work at CESTA this summer as a research assistant on the Chinese Railroad Worker project, having first worked with CESTA the summer after his Freshman year. At that time, he collaborated with Professor Lea Vandervelde, researching the spread of law along the Ohio River during the 19th century.
Frank Zheng
Research Assistant
Frank is an undergrad student and a prospective Computer Science + History major. Since April 2015, he has worked as a Research Assistant/Computer Programmer on the Enchanting the Desert project. He loves exploring the intersections between technology and the humanities. He enjoys playing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He also loves playing in the orchestra.
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