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Current Research Assistants
Maria Bojorquez
Research Assistant
Maria Bojorquez is a freshman intending to major in English. She is currently working as a research assistant for the Undocumented Mexican Migration project at CESTA, where she mainly organizes interviews conducted for the project.  In her free time, she enjoys reading and exploring campus along with all its opportunities.
Madison Coots
Research Assistant
Madison Coots is a sophomore studying Management Science & Engineering with a minor in English literature. Madison is collaborating with Dr. Luca Scholz on his project, “Beyond Borders: Mapping Early Modern Regimes of Movement,” to develop new methods of representing early modern states and to create visualizations of early modern political orders as regimes of movement. Madison is also the manager of the Stanford Men’s Volleyball team and works at The Alumni Center within The Stanford Fund. In her free time, Madison enjoys reading, playing the piano, and building terrariums.
Kevin Garcia
Research Assistant
Kevin Garcia is a senior undergraduate at Stanford studying Classics (Greek/Latin track) and French. As a Research Assistant with Professor Stuart Dunn on The Archaeology of Place in Ancient Cyprus, he is thrilled to be working on a project which focuses on the intersection of antiquity, toponymy, and digital humanities. Kevin enjoys watching (and performing in) musicals, going to art museums, and spending hours on hours in bookstores.  
Jake Goulder
Research Assistant
Natty Jumreornvong
Research Assistant
Sevde Kaldiroglu
Research Assistant
Sevde Kaldiroglu is a senior majoring in English with Creative Writing and minoring in Psychology. Sevde is currently working with Professor Ali Yaycioglu and Antonis Hadjikyriacou on the project “Mapping Ottoman Epirus: Region, Power and Empire”. Coming from her hometown, Istanbul, Turkey, Sevde has been heavily involved with journalism, and served as the Editor-in-Chief of Avicenna – The Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs for three years. In addition to conducting psychology research on (very adorable) babies at the Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology Lab, Sevde enjoys writing and reading poetry and fiction, exploring notable coffee shops off-campus and running every morning.
Connor Kennedy
Research Assistant
David Mollenkamp
Research Assistant
David Mollenkamp is a sophomore studying History and Political Science. He is currently working with Dr. Luca Scholz on the project "Mapping the Early Modern Regimes of Movement" where he collects data and utilizes GIS applications to map how tolls were enforced in Early Modern Europe. In his free time, he enjoys reading about history, politics, and economics and playing tennis.
Stephanie Niu
Research Assistant
Stephanie Niu is a sophomore studying symbolic systems (a combination of computer science, psychology, philosophy, and linguistics) with a passion for education access and curriculum design. Since fall 2015, she’s been working with the Chinese Railroad Workers’ Project to design and build data visualizations that convey the experience of the Chinese transcontinental railroad workers. Outside of academics, Stephanie spends her time choreographing for a hip-hop dance team, making soap, and journaling relentlessly. 
Olivia Popp
Research Assistant
Olivia Popp is an undeclared freshman with an interest in film, television, theater, and communications. Within CESTA, she is working as a research assistant for Professor Richard White on the California Time project, looking at maps and using ArcGIS to track changes in geologic phenomena throughout history. Olivia is also a staff writer for The Stanford Flipside, managing editor of Arts & Life for The Stanford Daily, and an intern with the Asian American Theater Project.
Abigail Schott-Rosenfield
Research Assistant

Abigail Schott-Rosenfield is a sophomore planning to major in Comparative Literature with a focus in Arabic. She is a research assistant for the Global Atlas of Oil project, which explores the vast historical and contemporary impact of the oil industry's development. Abigail also writes for the Stanford Daily and the Stanford Arts Review and loves Mahmoud Darwish, medieval art, and contemplating the convivencia. 

Naomi Subotnick
Research Assistant
Terence Zhao
Research Assistant
Terence Zhao is an undergraduate Research Assistant at Stanford. He is interested in how to maximize livability in our urban spaces through sound planning and design. He currently works with Professor Ian Caine of UT San Antonio to visualize more than a century of urban sprawl in the city.
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