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Partnerships and Collaborations
Andrew Mellon Foundation

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided funding to make the Spatial History Project possible and is also a consultant.

Black Metropolis: Harlem, 1915-1930The University of SydneyThis project is based in the History Department at The University of Sydney and involves Dr. Stephen Robertson, Dr. Graham White, Professor Shane White, and Professor Stephen Garton. The aim of this collaborative project is to produce an ethnographic study of everyday life in Harlem as it became the black capital of the world.

Centro de Pesquisa em HistÃria Social da Cultura (IFCH/UNICAMP) Centro de Pesquisa em HistÃria Social da Cultura (IFCH/UNICAMP) is an equal partner in the Terrain of History project. This primary research team in Brazil is studying the spatial history of Rio de Janeiro and SÃo Paulo during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They work in the conception, analysis, and publication of spatial-history research.

The Computer Graphics LabStanford UniversityThe Computer Graphics Lab at Stanford University is collaborating in all aspects of Tooling Up for Digital Histories.

James Green, Associate Professor Brown UniversityJames Green, an Associate Professor at Brown University, is an equal partner in the Terrain of History project and is developing detailed analyses of residents and businesses in a neighborhood around PraÃa da ConstituiÃÃo (Tiradentes).

The Historical Ecology TeamSan Francisco Estuary InstituteThe Between the Tides project collaborates with the Historical Ecology team through a shared seminar series, data, and interests.

InfoGraphics Lab Department of Geography at the University of OregonThe InfoGraphics Lab is providing database hosting and management of our ESRI ArcSDE geodatabases across all of our projects. With their expertise in cartography and design they are also advising our work in visualization and application development.

Robert McDonald The Nature ConservancyRobert McDonald of The Nature Conservancy is collaborating in all aspects of the Bay Area Conservation and Development research in the Critical Habitat project.

Ian Read, Assistant ProfessorSoka UniversityIan Read, an Assistant Professor at Soka University, is a research associate with the Terrain of History project. He is the lead principal investigator in Brazil for An Era of Epidemics.

University of Nebraska LincolnThe University of Nebraska Lincoln is a collaborator with Professor White's Shaping the West research.

Virginia Center for Digital History University of Virginia

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