Stanford University
Nineteenth-Century Crowdsourcing

Led by Sarah Ogilvie, this project investigates scholarly enterprises that sought contributions from the public in the nineteenth century. Just as Wikipedia in recent years took advantage of new and faster communications via the Internet, so those engaged in large-scale intellectual projects in the nineteenth century sought to make use of new, emerging communication systems (mail, railways, shipping lines) that were rapidly connecting people around the globe. This project looks at how the expertise of professionals was harnessed, as well as the industry of keen autodidacts, especially women. We apply network analysis and data visualizations to archive material, to answer questions about sharing, ownership, and dissemination of ideas and knowledge in the nineteenth century.

Project Research Assistants include Sandhini Argarwal, Mirae Lee, Brooke Mandujano, Samuel Mignot, Tyler Lemon, Isi Okojie, May Peterson, Angelica Previte, Holly Slang, Kenny Smith, Luz Tur-Sinai Gozal, and Riya Verma.

Spatial History