Stanford University
A Chronology of Suburban Expansion for San Antonio, Texas

This research chronicles the roots of suburban expansion in San Antonio, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The project focuses on the growth of five automotive thoroughfares, leveraging the history of each to create a digitally interactive timeline that tracks the morphological, demographic and geographic expansion of the suburbs. Central to the effort is the inclusion of scholars from the complementary disciplines of architecture, history and geography. Each provides a unique and powerful intellectual lens through which to read urban history: through architecture we experience the primacy of physical form, through history we come to know the consequences of social narrative, and through geography we grasp the power of natural and human systems. This research, with additional contributions from UTSA’s Dr. Jerry Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of History and Dr. Rebecca Walter, Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, draws on the best traditions of each discipline to write a more complex, nuanced, and alternative account of suburban growth in San Antonio.

Spatial History