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Salmon Flu Transmission in Salmon Aquaculture
Salmon Flu Transmission in Salmon Aquaculture
This study attempts to understand the unfolding of infectious salmon anemia (ISA, or the salmon flu) in Chile through a new lens.

Chile’s lack of environmental oversight prompts us to ask the following questions:

1. How does the spatial structure of the salmon industries in Norway and Chile differ, and what effect does that structure have on their risk of an ISA epidemic?

2. Given Norway’s epidemiological history, should Chile have predicted an epidemic given its much higher density of farming?  Why did Chile not impose the contingency plans and regulations that Norway had developed for over 20 years, particularly given that the industry in Chile was comprised of the same multinational companies? 

3. In answering these questions, what kinds of knowledge do our visualization techniques privilege, and what do they not tell us? 
Spatial History