Welcome to Stanford Polo!

Welcome to the official home of Stanford Polo Club, one of the oldest club sports at Stanford University.  Stanford Polo Club was founded in 1919 as part of the field artillery program for Stanford R.O.T.C., and while the club has undergone many transformations over the years and is no longer associated the military, it has stayed true to its legacy of strong student development, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in polo.  The Polo Club offers students the opportunity to learn about riding and polo, horse care and barn management, and it helps fulfill Stanford’s goal of providing a truly broad education.  Day to day operation of the club is managed entirely by students, and with the help of dedicated volunteer coaches and a visionary advisory board, the Polo Club has continued to grow and develop into a more and more successful organization.  This dedication has been rewarded by several Regional Championships and appearances at the National Intercollegiate Championship, and club members look forward to more victories in the future.

Newbie Tryouts!

The Stanford Polo Club is excited to start off our new year strong! After returning from China and an overall intense summer of polo, we are thrilled to begin recruiting new members! If you’re a Stanford student and interested in joining the Stanford Polo Club please send us an email and/or come talk to us at the activities fair this Friday! There is no experience necessary! The first day of tryouts, also known as “Newbie Day,” will take place this Sunday at Webb Ranch. To sign up and get more information on pickups and the overall schedule for the day, please come to our booth at the activities fair or email Laura Kurt at lkurt@stanford.edu. Tryouts will be hosted the first three weekends of the quarter. During tryouts we will give a polo demonstration, talk about what the club is like, and give prospective members a chance to get to know current members. We can’t wait to see you out there!

If you are not able to make it to Newbie Day, please email us or stop by our booth at the activities fair! The first practice is not mandatory but serves as a great chance for us to get to know you better! We will continue to have tryouts throughout the first three weeks and will finalize members in mid-October!