Welcome to Stanford Polo!

Welcome to the official home of Stanford Polo Club, one of the oldest club sports at Stanford University.  Stanford Polo Club was founded in 1919 as part of the field artillery program for Stanford R.O.T.C., and while the club has undergone many transformations over the years and is no longer associated the military, it has stayed true to its legacy of strong student development, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in polo.  The Polo Club offers students the opportunity to learn about riding and polo, horse care and barn management, and it helps fulfill Stanford’s goal of providing a truly broad education.  Day to day operation of the club is managed entirely by students, and with the help of dedicated volunteer coaches and a visionary advisory board, the Polo Club has continued to grow and develop into a more and more successful organization.  This dedication has been rewarded by several Regional Championships and appearances at the National Intercollegiate Championship, and club members look forward to more victories in the future.

6th Annual Stanford Alumni Polo Tournament


Several weeks ago the Stanford Polo Club hosted it’s 6th Annual Stanford Alumni Polo Tournament at the Horse Park at Woodside! The event is a recent tradition geared towards reconnecting current members with past members! One of our favorite aspects of the Alumni Tournament is getting to meet members who helped make the Stanford Polo Club what it is today. Every year the club encourages alumni to join in for a fun and free day of polo and chance to meet new members. Alumni came from all over the nation and state to meet with old friends and play polo again! This event continues to grow each year and this year 20 alumni saddled up for a total of 5 chukkars!


Gathered under the sun of a perfect Saturday, all those in attendance enjoyed fast polo and delicious BBQ. The team was even able to provide transportation service for Stanford students to come join in the festivities! We would like to thank all the alumni, family and friends who joined for our 6th Annual Alumni Tournament! The event was incredibly successful and we could not have put it together if it were not for the help of all those in attendance! It was touching for all of us to see the talent and passion that has helped keep Stanford polo alive and well for all these years. We cannot wait to see everyone again at next year’s alumni tournament!


The Stanford Polo Club would also like to thank the Field family for hosting the traditional Grilled Cheese formal after the tournament. During the formal, alumni joined current members for gourmet dishes, appetizers and grilled cheese prepared by the club. The event gathers old and new members together to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions made throughout the year. This year the Red Boot award for the Most Improved Player was awarded to Sophomore, Ellie Redding, for her dedication and advancement! The Most Valuable Player for the men’s team was given to Senior, Erich Schloss for his incredible talent and hard work during his time in the club. The women’s team Most Valuable Player award was given to Katrina Pura, Co-term, for her aggressive playing and tenacious spirit. And finally, the awards for the Most Outstanding Contributors were given to Laura Kurt and Laura Huntley for their immense dedication to the club. After awards were given, alumni shared stories from their time in the club. Alum and current newbie coach, Laura Hansen, even prepared a slideshow to aid her in sharing some of her stories from the club.


Overall, the Alumni Tournament and Grilled Cheese formal were a great way to end another successful season and year for the Stanford Polo Club. We would like to extend our thanks to all those who were able to come out for the tournament and formal, and to those who continue to show their support for the club today. This has truly been a great year for the club and we are excited to see the team continue to grow and flourish as we move into summer!