Welcome to Stanford Polo!

Welcome to the official home of Stanford Polo Club, one of the oldest club sports at Stanford University.  Stanford Polo Club was founded in 1919 as part of the field artillery program for Stanford R.O.T.C., and while the club has undergone many transformations over the years and is no longer associated the military, it has stayed true to its legacy of strong student development, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in polo.  The Polo Club offers students the opportunity to learn about riding and polo, horse care and barn management, and it helps fulfill Stanford’s goal of providing a truly broad education.  Day to day operation of the club is managed entirely by students, and with the help of dedicated volunteer coaches and a visionary advisory board, the Polo Club has continued to grow and develop into a more and more successful organization.  This dedication has been rewarded by several Regional Championships and appearances at the National Intercollegiate Championship, and club members look forward to more victories in the future.

Belated Fall Update!

Here’s a basic recap of this fall season!

Polo Tryouts

After 3 weeks of tryouts we welcomed 7 new members to the team! The Stanford Polo team is excited to welcome Tyler, EJ, Janna, Victoria, Jack, Elizabeth, and JCho to the team!

Mustang Madness

Mustang Madness is an umpire clinic held at Cal Poly. This year both our Men’s and Women’s teams were able to make it out to the clinic to compete! Both teams had a great time and were able to challenge themselves in these games. Below are the results from the clinic!

Women’s team – lost 7-8 against CalPoly in a 3 chukker game
Men’s team – won 20-1 against Cal Poly men’s team

Both men’s and women’s team played fun chukkers with a mixed team from Oregon. We had a lot of fun an it was a great way to start the season. Thank you to Megan Judge for organizing the clinic!

SMU vs Stanford

SMU came all the way to California and we were thrilled they made the trip. The score was 19-2 with Stanford winning. Goals were made by all three members of the team. Shivani had a brilliant neck shot into goal. Olivia had some nice wall plays.

University of the Pacific vs Stanford

The Stanford Women’s team played a brand new team in our region, University of the Pacific. Stanford won the game 21-1. Two newer members of the Stanford Polo team, Raquel and Kathryn played their first game for Stanford, with Ellie and Shivani splitting chukkers. Stanford played a really clean game. Raquel did a great job of finishing goals and Ellie made her first 2 pointer. Overall, both teams put in a really great effort into all four chukkars.

Fall Fandango

The men’s team, represented by Eric, Jack and Aaron, went down to play at an umpire clinic at the Prestonwood Polo Club in Dallas. They played their first game against Texas Tech. Texas Tech gained a few points in the first chukkers. However, the rest of the game was very evenly matched, and ended in a 9-6 score in Texas Tech’s favor. The men’s team played their second game against Prestonwood’s IS team. This was a very fast game against a good high school team. The final score was 1-15 in Prestonwood’s favor. In general, the men’s team had a great weekend in Dallas. It was good experience to sit on so many new horses. Thanks to Prestonwood Polo Club for inviting Stanford!

Retired Polo Ponies

We retired two beloved poly ponies. Abby is now a girl’s best friend in Salinas. Sorpressa is moving on to be a lesson and trail horse at the St. Lucia Preserve. Both horses have been part of the polo club for many years and introduced many new players to the sport. We will miss them but are thrilled they have found new homes. We have a few more ponies who are retiring from polo. If you are interested in providing a loving home, please contact ocords@stanford.edu.

Stanford Polo 2015 Schedule


Help Save Jager!

This past September, Jager had a very rare and severe reaction to a vaccine that resulted in major nerve damage and muscle atrophy in his hind leg. He is slowly gaining weight and range of motion, but if Jager is to survive, he has a long road to recovery. Thanks to generous donations from alumni and community members, we have been able to send Jager to the Running Horse Ranch in Stevinson for rehab. There he will be kept in a stall and will get hand walked twice a day. They will also incorporate time on the eurociser and in the pool as his condition improves. The Running Horse Ranch has been very generous in regards to Jager and this case by offering his care and treatment at discounted prices, which has allowed us to move him to the clinic with our current funding. Due to the severity of Jager’s condition, there is no guarantee that he will recover, but with this treatment he has his best shot at being rehabilitated. We believe we should have a better idea of his prognosis after about a month of rehab. We will keep you all posted on how he’s doing.

Again, thanks to everyone who has donated and helped spread the word about Jager! We are still in need of funding to maintain Jager’s treatment for the upcoming months, so please continue to inform others who might be able to help Jager! Please note that the Stanford Polo Club is a student-run organization that relies on school funding and private donations to care for our horses and that donations are tax deductible.
To help the Stanford Polo Team save Jager, please visit www.gofundme.com/jager

The Stanford Polo Club would like to thank all those who have supported us thus far. As we wrap up the fall season, we are excited to enter into the winter quarter. We look forward to seeing all our supporters throughout the season at our games!