IntraClub tournament and a new face in the pasture!

Stanford Polo held our annual IntraClub tournament to finish up another successful year. Club members took a break from their busy academic schedules right before “dead week” to participate. Stanford Polo was divided into four teams, and the tournament was a chance for every club member to play in a full game and show off the skills they have been working on all year to develop.
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       Erich Schloss reaching for the ball (left) and Coach Zeliger umpiring (right).

 It was great fun to see how much everyone has improved this year! Many of our new members joined the club with very little horse or polo experience, and it was very exciting and rewarding to see the results of one year’s hard work. The two day tournament concluded with team “Grey Goose” (named after a favorite pony who found a new home this year) emerging victorious.

Shivani Torres warming up on Stout.
In addition, Stanford Polo welcomed a new horse to our string! Although his name is still being decided on (and we’re looking for suggestions!), this little chestnut thoroughbred has a lot of experience in almost every riding discipline. He is already great friends with the mares in the pasture, and we are confident that he will pick up the game of polo quickly. He made a trip to the polo arena for a general look around, and seemed excited to start his new job! We are confident that he will do really well in the club and are looking forward to his days as a polo pony.

New head horse manager Laura Huntley and Coach Heather Lake making the lineup.

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