Our Horses



Despite her humble beginnings, team members of all skill levels love Abby. This special paint mare can do it all. When she’s not playing in varsity matches or giving children pony rides, she can most often be found in the pasture following her best friend Gamut.



Brandy has been playing polo for years and it often seems like she knows the game better than her rider! Brandy is very sweet and willing to please. Although she is primarily used as a beginner horse, she still has a lot of “go”. Brandy, named by donor Deborah Schloss, was generously donated by Jef Graham.



As one of our tallest and most athletic horses, Calvin plays a fast field game. Calvin is one of our best ponies with a more experienced rider, and keeps his rider on their toes and attentive to the game. The beloved ‘stand-in boyfriend’ of our women’s team, Calvin loves attention and cuddles!


 Dark and Stormy

Das is a sturdy mare with a great bump. Das is willing to challenge any horse in a ride off. She’s also very responsive and can turn on a dime. We’re lucky to have her.


Gamut has a lot of spunk and needs to be told she looks beautiful every day. This mare is incredibly fast, handy, and smooth to hit off. Gamo ranks high for our more experienced members to play and is a favorite among all past and present women’s captains.

Quick, responsive, and extremely athletic, this adorable mare has an uncanny resemblance to a teddy bear. Great for newer members to play, as well as our most advanced, Grappa is an all-around great polo pony and invaluable member of the team.

One of the most affectionate ponies in our string, Juno is a lively and responsive mare. She has a solid hitting platform, but teaches riders to be attuned to their riding, and to use body cues. She always searches people’s pockets for treats, and often uses humans as personal face scratching posts.

Kamikaze is a fiery chestnut mare. Although she can be a challenging ride, she’s athletic, fast, and handy. She is especially great in the arena and is former women’s captain, Laura Hansen’s, favorite horse.


Voted the Men’s Best Playing Pony at the 2011 Western Regionals, Margarita responds perfectly to the slightest cues. Affectionately referred to as “MooMoo” or “dairy cow” because of her distinctive facial markings, Margarita is a favorite among our experienced players.



Formerly a Cal Poly pony, this quiet thoroughbred mare has done well with the Stanford Team. She was nominated best playing pony for the men’s team at Pre-Regionals in 2013 and is very responsive.



Lovingly referred to as the “flying sofa,” Martini has incredibly smooth and steady gaits. With a gentle, easygoing attitude, Martini is a kind and patient teacher for our newer players. Handy, and solid to hit off of, Martini is also a favorite pony for our most advanced players to play. This small, black mare is a much loved member of the team.


Mimosa is a women’s team horse and has been the winner of many “Best Playing Pony” awards. This hot little mare is very sensitive and full of energy. Mimosa is the “head mare” in the pasture and bosses all the other ponies around. Although she has a feisty attitude towards all the other ponies, she likes to cuddle with people.



For sentimental reasons, Pwesa is the only horse in our string whose forelock we don’t clip, and she loves her special hairdo! Pwesa is a small thoroughbred mare and has an unexplainable love for dogs. This affectionate mare knows the game better than anyone. Steady, easygoing, and responsive, Pwesa is great for newer members. Although she likes to be mean to the other ponies, she is eager to please and is one of the sweetest horses in our string!



Possessed of a beautiful mahogany coat and a sturdy rump (and sometimes described as the inspiration for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’), Stout is a solid and easygoing teacher for our less experienced members. With the right encouragement, Stout is a powerhouse in the arena, known for her strong, commanding bumps. She also makes a smooth and solid field pony, and is a reliable member of our string.


Yukon Jack

YJ is an older mare with a lot of experience. She is very steady going, which makes it easier to hit the ball. She is very patient with all the new riders.

Jack Daniels