Our Horses

Meet our team:

Bel Final


The youngest in the pasture, Belvedere, or “Bel” for short, is an energetic mare. Before she came to us she was a race horse and her speed certainly shows in games!




Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.24.25 PM


As one of our tallest and most athletic horses, Calvin plays a fast field game. Calvin is one of our best ponies with a more experienced rider, and keeps his rider on their toes and attentive to the game. The beloved ‘stand-in boyfriend’ of our women’s team, Calvin loves attention and cuddles!



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.21.13 PM

Captain Morgan

Captain is great for our oldies. He has a powerful stride and loves to hang around the fence whenever Patron is taken out. You can spot him in all pink wraps at our practices.




Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.36.36 PM

Chicken Nugget

A recent donation from Fran Finato, Chicken Nugget has been a great addition to the herd. He is small and spunky, but a great ride for newbies and oldies alike.





Cola Final


An older gelding who’s age does not show. Cola has a level canter and is incredibly handy and does whatever you ask of him. He can really open up plays, especially on the field.




Das final

Dark and Stormy

Das is a sturdy mare with a great bump. Das is willing to challenge any horse in a ride off. She’s also very responsive and can turn on a dime.




Fuego final


Fireball, or Fuego for short, is ironically a sweet and steady mare. She is a great newbie horse but is a favorite on the field because of her surprising speed.




Ginnie final


Also known as Gin and Tonic or G&T, this mare came in with the Patron, Captain, and Skyy. Identifiable by the bright star on her face and playfulness in the pasture, this mare is a smooth ride and really responsive, especially in the field. She’s attuned to everything going on around her, and plays the line well.



Grappa final

Quick, responsive, and extremely athletic, this adorable mare has an uncanny resemblance to a teddy bear. Great for newer members to play, as well as our most advanced, Grappa is an all-around great polo pony and invaluable member of the team. She won “Best Playing Pony” at the 2015 Regionals in CalPoly.



Jaeger final


One of the toughest and most spirited of our pasture, Jaeger has been recovering from a near death experience since the fall of 2014 when he lost most of the muscle in his back leg. He’s made amazing strides in his recovery that have defied odds and expectations. He is currently a good newbie horse.



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.38.44 PM

Another recent donation for Fran Finato, Jasmine is  incredibly reliable and a total sweetheart. She was an instant favorite with both humans and herd.





Marge Final

Voted the Men’s Best Playing Pony at the 2011 Western Regionals, Margarita responds perfectly to the slightest cues. Affectionately referred to as “MooMoo” or “dairy cow” because of her distinctive facial markings, Margarita is a favorite among our experienced players.



Patron Final


Named by alumni Eric Schloss, Patrón has been an excellent contribution to the team. He is quickly responsive and comes out of the lineup well.




Tito Final







Rhu Final







Magnolia Maiden

One of our youngest little mares, our coaches are working to make her a great polo pony and we have high hopes for her in coming years.


Recently Retired

Juno Final


One of the most affectionate ponies in our string, Juno is a lively and responsive mare. She has a solid hitting platform, but teaches riders to be attuned to their riding, and to use body cues. She always searches people’s pockets for treats, and often uses humans as personal face scratching posts.




Nova is actually a pun on the spanish “No Vas” or “Does not go.” Incredibly fast on the field, Nova is a sweet challenge for advanced riders.




Martini is a good ride and an adorable black mare. After taking a year off, she is primarily a newbie horse, though is beloved by all members of the women’s team past and present.

Jack Daniels 

Jack is a solid horse both for Newbies and Oldies. Won most handsome pony every year of his membership in the club, and is the horse component of SPC’s two year-running “Jack” trifecta


Kamikaze is a fiery chestnut mare. Although she can be a challenging ride, she’s athletic, fast, and handy. She is especially great in the arena and is former women’s captain, Laura Hansen’s, favorite horse.