Joining Stanford Polo Club

Interested in joining Stanford Polo? We have a tryout period for potential members at the beginning of fall quarter of each year!

Look for us at the Fall Activities Fair, or email for more information on tryouts. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning polo to try out. No prior experience is necessary, and each year we have people join who have never ridden a horse before. However, we are looking for several qualities in all new members, and cannot take everyone who is interested in joining. Previous riding experience is a plus, as is freshman or sophomore status. We also expect members to have general athleticism, a positive attitude, teamwork skills, and the initiative to work hard and learn all about polo.

Both undergraduates and graduate students at Stanford are welcome to try out for the club, and, if accepted, can ride and practice as part of the team. However, only undergraduates are allowed to compete in intercollegiate matches, and the club is largely focused around the development of the intercollegiate teams, so we limit graduate membership to people who have ridden before and have prior knowledge of horses.

The Stanford Polo Club offers an incredible and unique opportunity to learn a complex and challenging sport. However, it also involves a significant time commitment and a lot of hard work. We practice several days each week, including weekends, and care for our horses ourselves. We’re looking for students who are dedicated, athletic, and enthusiastic about learning something new.

If you’re interested in joining or learning more, feel free to email us at We’d be happy to talk to you!

High School Students and Prospective Freshmen

Not in college yet, but already starting to plan your future? If you’re interested in Stanford Polo, we would be happy to talk with you about the program and share our experience at Stanford. As a club sport we cannot recruit or influence admissions decisions, but don’t worry – the most important recommendation is not one that comes from a coach or an advisor, but one that comes from your own qualifications.