Instructions to Access Personal Storage Space on SP-FS

Each lab member is provided with 25 GB of personal (private) data storage on SP-FS.  This data is stored in a highly redundant manner, with changes backed up each weeknight and full backups every weekend. Ask the Server Administrator if you need more than 25 GB for some reason.  Users of the Scanning Confocal Microscope, for example, sometimes request this when generating large quantities of biofilm image data that requires lots of space.

Access Instructions:

(For Macs)

Access is based on your Stanford SUNetID and password.

  1. Connect to the Clark Center Network.  Either you are on an ethernet in the building, or you connect to the network via the VPN Client for Stanford.
  2. Run Stanford Desktop Tools.  Once this has loaded, control-click on the 'S' icon in your dock, click on 'Authenticate to Kerberos' and type in your SUNet ID and password to authenticate.                   Stanford Desktop Tools:                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  3. Open Finder. Press command (apple) and the letter 'K' at the same time. A 'Connect to Server' window will pop up.  In the server address field, type the following:                                                                        smb://
    where your_SUNetID is your SUNetID only.
  4. Click the 'Connect' button.  This should mount a folder that represents your server space. You can drag files to this at your hearts content.  The server will notify you when you get within 1 Gb of your quota.


(For PCs)

  1. Connect to the Clark Center Network. Either you are on an ethernet in the building, or you connect to the network via the VPN Client for Stanford.  
  2. Click 'start' then 'Run' and enter the following address into the 'Run' field:                    \\SP-FS.STANFORD.EDU\USERS\SUNetID   
  3. Windows will mount a drive/folder that you can think of as an external drive. Having a dedicated drive letter that is always there when you're connected is pretty handy, though, so an alternative method for connecting is to 'Map a Network Drive'
  4. Mapping a drive to user’s folder on Spormann Fileserver (Sp-fs)
    Open ‘My Computer’ and unfurl the ‘Tools’ tab
    Click on ‘Map Network Drive...’
    Choose an appropriate, unused drive letter from the first drop-down
    From the second drop-down, type:
    where you have replaced ‘SUNetID’ with your SUNetID.  You may be prompted for a username and
    password, depending on whether or not you are already logged into the WIN network with Kerberos and Stanford Desktop Tools.
    *Note: Shortcuts to this drive can be placed on the desktop and are very handy.  Also handy is to
    make sure that the ‘Reconnect at login’ toggle is checked.  If you are logging-in to WIN network at
    sign-on, connection to this file-server folder will be automatic. Very nice.
0 March 23, 2009