1. During prime time (Mon-Fri 5:15-7:30) everyone is required to check in by initialing their booking on the hard copy located on the wall at the entrance to the courts.
  2. Failure to check in during prime time will immediately result in loss of booking privileges. (We will be checking this on a daily basis). If you lose your booking privileges you will need to contact Mark Talbott to have them reinstated.
  3. Juniors players may not book courts during prime time.
  4. Bookings can be made four days in advance, starting at 12:00 PM.
  5. Bookings cannot be cancelled less than four hours prior to the timeslot.
  6. The use of any auto-booking program is strictly forbidden. The Xpiron online court reservation system has the ability to detect those individuals who are auto booking courts. Anyone doing so will lose their booking privileges indefinitely.
  7. No court reservations in prime time for solo practice. If you'd like to reserve a court for solo practice, please do so outside of primetime hours.
  8. If one person is solo on a court during prime time, the court is deemed to be a "Challenge Court" for anyone to share.
  9. Only one court booking per family during prime time.
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