Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Getting Polling Data from the Roper Center for Public Opinion

If you are looking for polling or public opinion data, you should check the archives of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. The Roper Center maintains "the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of national public opinion in the United States." Stanford University is a member of the Roper Center, so the data in the Roper archive can be ordered for you. Search the Roper Center Catalog of Holdings to locate polling data in their collection.


Datasets can be searched by keyword, date range, survey organization or sponsor, and the sample type. Searching and getting results in the Roper Data Archive can be problematic. Contact us for data help if you need assistance using the Roper web site.


Roper's iPOLL Database

A large number of Roper Archive datasets can be located using Roper's iPOLL database. iPOLL is a searchable database of polling questions and their responses. Any computer on Stanford's central campus network can access the iPoll database directly. You will need to register with your email address to access iPoll. Roper links questions within iPoll to their catalog of data holdings, which provides a much more powerful search option for locating Roper datasets.


Other Polling Collections Available at the Roper Center

The Roper Center is the repository for some international archives of polling data. One example is the Latin American Databank (LAD), which currently has almost one thousand studies from 16 countries, including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. The Roper Center also holds the Japanese Data Archive (JPOLL) database, which consists of an online database of Japanese public opinion questions and responses, as well as a data library made up of thousands of survey research studies. Links to these and other collections are on the Roper Center web site.


Polling the Nations

Polling the Nations is database of polling questions available to Stanford users on the Library databases page. Click on 'Begin Search'. Fill out the subsequent search form to do your search. The database provides questions, their responses, and citation information.


Ordering Polling Data

If you wish to order the entire dataset of questions in a survey that you locate in Lexis-Nexis, "Polling the Nations", or another citation, fill out and submit our SSDS Roper Dataset Request Form. If it is not available at the Roper Center, then we will see if it can be ordered from another data provider. When describing the survey dataset, make sure to include as much information as possible. 

If you cannot find the data that you need at Roper, then check out the other selections under Data Services  or contact us for data assistance.