Who We Are & What We Do

Social Science Data and Software (SSDS) is a group within the Stanford University Libraries (SUL) that provides services and support to Stanford faculty, staff and students in the acquisition, curation, and preservation of social science data and the selection and use of quantitative (statistical) and qualitative analysis software. SSDS staff provide these services in a variety of ways that include consulting, workshops and help documentation.

SSDS supports the following resources and services:

Consulting and Workshops

Consulting is available via email, by appointment or during scheduled walk-in hours in The Velma Denning Room, located in the Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) on the first floor of the Green Library Bing Wing. Walk-in consulting (no appointment required) takes place during fall, winter and spring quarters. In addition, users can contact us with their questions or make an appointment via our Web site.

In addition to consulting, SSDS staff members offer workshops during fall, winter and spring quarters. Workshops cover ways to locate datasets, discuss how students can plan during the early stages of their research, or use quantitative software in their projects from statistical analysis of large datasets to the graphical display of summary information. Workshops also demonstrate how qualitative software options available at Stanford can help researchers organize and analyze interviews, field notes, photographs, and other types of unstructured data. Vist our workshops page for more detailed information.

Quantitative and Qualitative Software

Software consultants are Stanford doctoral students who provide support in the use of the most popular quantitative (statistical) software, SPSS, Stata, R, and SAS, and qualitative software, NVivo, ATLAS.ti, and Dedoose. Consultants provide assistance and information for researchers who are at various stages in their projects. Examples include selecting a software package for your research project, resources for learning and teaching statistical and qualitative analysis software, planning before data collection, tips for data entry, solutions to common software problems, data management, and data reshaping and conversion.

Printed SSDS help documents for learning many of our supported quantitative, qualitative and data conversion software packages are available in The Velma Denning Roomor users can view and download our getting started guides and help documents in PDF format from this Web site.

SSDS Reference Library

Software manuals, helpful texts on statistics, codebooks, journals, magazines, and CD-ROM user documentation are available in The Velma Denning Room.  All SSDS materials are cataloged in Searchworks.


Data Resources

Data Extraction Web Interface (DEWI)

DEWI is a web-based application for accessing social science numeric data. It incorporates codebook information, allowing users to browse variables or search for them by keywords. Variables of interest can be selected, extracted, and downloaded to your computer in a variety of formats with popular statistical software. DEWI datasets are selected from the Stanford University Libraries' collection. Find out more about this unique system on our DEWI page or connect directly to DEWI at Questions or comments about DEWI?

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) & The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Stanford is a member of these important resources for social science research. Stanford users can download datasets directly from the ICPSR Data Archive on any computer in the Stanford University network, or connect off-campus via Stanford's proxy server. Consult our ICPSR page for more information. The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research includes the popular iPOLL and JPOLL online databases. Detailed information about Roper and how to request a Roper dataset is available on our Roper Center page under Data Services.

For general information about Stanford's membership in ICPSR and Roper, contact Ron Nakao,, 650-725-1062.

Data on CD-ROM and Diskette

A rich collection of numeric data on CD-ROM and diskette are are produced by U.S. federal offices and agencies, international organizations and foreign governments include a range of topics and time periods. Users can access data on CD-ROM via computer workstations in The Velma Denning Room. Extraction results are saved on a floppy or zip disk, writeable CD-ROM or via SecureFX. Browse the online catalog SearchWorks for full descriptions and titles in the SSDS collection. In addition, Stanford users can access an archive ofcompressed datafrom our secure Web site.