Orchestra Committee

The Orchestra Committee is made up of current orchestra members and promotes orchestra-wide activities and events, including retreats, outings, picnics, and fundraising efforts.  All orchestra members are encouraged to attend committee meetings.  If you have any questions or would like to help the orchestra, contact any of the committee members below.

2015-2016 Orchestra Committee

President: Russell Wong, rywong@stanford.edu
Vice Presidents: Andrew Jabara, ajabara@stanford.edu | Christopher Yeh, chrisyeh@stanford.edu
Advisory Board Members: Bright Zhou, brightz@stanford.edu | Weiwei Bi, bi94522@stanford.edu
Financial Officer: Brad Girardeau, bgirarde@stanford.edu
SFS Field Trip Coordinator: Kaitlyn Shin, kshin2@stanford.edu
Outreach Coordinators: Sonia Targ, sktarg@stanford.edu | Jacqui Ramos, qui44@stanford.edu
Members: Anna Jaffe, annawj@stanford.edu | Kristin Chesnutt, chesnutt@stanford.edu | Ben Yeh, bentyeh@stanford.edu