Walks: The Arboretum
including the
Mausoleum, Cactus Garden, and Memorial Marsh

The 100-year old Arboretum, divided by Palm Drive, stretches from El Camino Real past Campus Drive to Museum Way, taking in Memorial Marsh and vernal pools, which are part of a flood control system.

Birds to look for:

The Arboretum and its Birds
The Arboretum contains 25,000 trees in stands of eucalyptus, other century-old native and exotic species, (especially near the Mausoleum) and open, oak-dominated woodland.

Mausoleum and its Birds
A cedar-lined mall leads from the intersection of Palm Drive and Campus Drive to the Mausoleum and its surrounding 100-year-old specimen trees, many of which were selected thematically (symbols of heaven, etc.)

The Cactus Gardenand its Birds
This century-old garden lies next to the Mausoleum. It contains a number of specimen trees (e.g. Yucca) but mainly succulents and cacti.

Memorial Marsh and its Birds
This wetland lies between Campus Drive and Museum Way, and is bounded by Lausen Street and Palm Drive.


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